Changelog 2.0 Open Alpha v7

  • The following things are included in the update:

    (+ add | * delete | * change/fix)

    + add recovery items system

    + add reenter instance support with party, cc check

    + add param for freya hard (time limit for 2 stage)

    * blocked confirm dlg for levelup service (if part of service disabled)

    * Correct goddard siege zones (some of zones fell into town)

    * some changes in RequestSendPost packet

    * fixed doorman at Devastated Castle

    * fixed problem with finish quest

    * Fixed switch summons to follow status (was problem when summon attack mobs)

    * Area skills fixed damage for friends (spoil bomb example)

    * typo changes for Beleth

    * check invul status for chars at events

    * fixed problem with cast buff skills if char was in attacking status

    * rework geo pathfind with regoin height

    * auto attack stance not start if hit miss

    * rework calc skillmastery (more correct)

    * block attack buffer at oly battle

    * fixed fear (if effect in attacking mode)

    * floodprotection by enchanting