Changelog 2.0 Open Alpha v5

  • The following things are included in the update:

    (+ add | - delete | * change/fix)

    + Add new oly param for print opponents info

    + Add new oly param for confirmDlg msg

    + Add Seed of Destruction Defence Stage support

    + add quickly adding a drop system to npcs

    + add support for a few days in epic fixed respawn configs

    + add quest _693_DefeatingDragonkinRemnants

    + add support Seed of Destruction (Chamblain...

    + add disconect correct time support in menu

    + add save location and return players to his prev loc after events

    + add announce for restart server at 90 60 and 30 min

    + add param for remove stun effects in dp

    + add lvl diff for mobs for world events drop items

    + add param for lvl mod for summons - add auto announce for raids and epics by config list

    + add param for offline trade(not kick offline char and can play with any char at account)

    + add new block broadcast filter if it finds a forbidden words

    + add miss warden spawn

    + add block skills support for funpvp zones

    + add lethal immunity support at xml & check all npcs like L2OFF

    + add protection for respawn at fight events

    + add new param for epaulette drop (only for reg attackers at sieges)

    + Knoriks add miss debuffs (add to AI too)

    + add min skills support for Cancel and Steal skills

    * achivements event full rework!

    * fixed miss calc drop chance for world events drop items

    * change week and weeks oly period (now end at sunday)

    * fixed null error at onEvtArrived

    * finaly rework pailakas instances & quests

    * fixed null error for canRevive funPvp zones

    * rework 128 quest & instance support

    * rework events rewards - some changes for offline traders (remove login session)

    * check mails to peace zone (add check town zones or peace)

    * fixed print party info for clan info (for rank)

    * correct move info for pets (if pet hungry)

    * fixed sometimes there are problems with stun

    * block hero items for temp Heroes

    * Backstab recalc - some changes for debuffs

    * check conditions for use with ctrl for some skills

    * effects info by shift+click for players (only to mobs or raids)

    * correct Hex enchant params

    * fixed effect HpByLevel (was blocked)

    * fixed correct work for skill Lure

    * final changes for calc debuff chances (block all if resist >=100%)

    * 423 quest chance chance for spawn quest npc

    * rework treasure chests spawn (like l2off & rnd spawn zones)

    * fix kamael subs to add wrong classes

    * fixed disable trigger effects if use CancelBySlot or CancelProbability effects

    * rework Stun effect

    * rework global ai support for mobs (if region not active - mobs with global AI enable)

    * fixed to block negative lvl if lvlup by addExp

    * rework SquashEvent (calc Squash types like L2Off)