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  • Hallo Shadow,

    wieviele charaktere mussen bei der olympiade auf dem new world server angemeldet sein damit die kämpfe starten können?

    LG Jarvis

  • Hello.

    Ma Spoiler DeusD also can't use dual daggers.

    Best regards,


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  • Hi Shadow, mein spoiler besitzt keine dual dagger mastery, muss ich die forgotton scroll farmen???

    Schöne Grüße

    Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

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  • Hallo Shadow, könntest du mir sagen wieviele aktive spieler auf dem Server sind ? Liebe grüße

  • Hallo Shadow, ich möchte neues Launcher ausprobieren, kannst du es bitte zu Verfügung stellen?

  • Dear SR shadow, I would like to try it, as I should do.


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    hi shadow sir, I wanted to know about the modifications he made if it is not annoying and what would be the future, :)
    • hi choque,

      i added a new Geodata so for full support

      i hope no one will fall under the map now



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      I apologize for asking, but I was able to verify the antiharas strip, since I do not know if it is bad luck or chance, but nothing of elegy or weapons do not fall,
      Can it be bad luck?
      just throw the earring and a book.
      Would you also like to ask him, what is the number of people he needs to enter frientezza?
      If I could limit the restriction of the amount to a minimum, due to the amount of people we are, I think something considerable.