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    Yes, working on a concept takes some time, but you have to start somewhere.

    I agree with you.

    Maybe we will be able to announce something to you in the next few weeks. ;)

    Regarding the problems with PHP, again as a developer I can offer my help to solve those problems.

    If it should be so far, I will contact you via PM.

    Thank you! :love:

    Hello Gold, hello Zoian,

    thank you for your opinions.

    As I said before, Kyrell and I are considering a new server concept that will incorporate many options from those we have read here.

    But of course we need time for this :-(

    -) The server statistics are seems more or less broken.

    --- I assume many players are very interested to see who is online, and if they see "nothing" it might keep them from starting here even more if it just an error in one of the scripts.

    --- Maybe it's me but I couldn't get any of the other functions to show anything in that tool either.


    I have to agree with you. These evaluation scripts are still written in an old PHP version.

    Because the servers do not support this language anymore and many variables have changed, I have to adapt this.

    Therefore the account manager is not satisfying for me yet.

    But I don't know that much about PHP, so I have to find my way in here. The employee who had taken over this for us at that time had unfortunately left the team for private reasons

    It is also clear for us that we will continue to offer Hi5. Whether sometime something else will be added is written in the stars.

    However, Kyrell and I will only be able to concentrate on one project.

    As you probably noticed the last few days, a lot is changing here in the forum. I'm also thinking about adding some features of the Account Manager to this forum.

    I hope I can implement this.

    As you can see, we have a lot of work to do at the moment and hope that we can make fast progress with everything so that we can eventually talk about a Close Alpha.

    But do not worry. The "old" EndlessWorld, meanwhile renamed EndlessWorld 1.0, will remain online.

    However, at some point it will run out so that only "veteran users" can access this server.

    Of course we will always let you know in time.

    Until then I am very curious what else you can or want to report so that the server will be one of the best.

    In any case, we remain true to ourselves.

    There will NEVER be a Donation Store!

    In this sense until soon

    Hello Gold!

    Thanks for your interest.

    Currently Kyrell and I are planning how to bring EndlessWorld back to life.

    You are welcome to participate.

    Any suggestions and help will be appreciated.

    Best regards

    Dear Community,

    i have "repaired" the updater in the last days.

    After the last tests it worked fine. But you have to download it again.

    Here is the direct link:

    Download Updater v4.3.2 [Beta]

    The reason why this updater did not work was the .Net Framework update from Mircosoft.

    I hope now all of you can use it again without problems.

    I would be glad about any feedback!

    Best regards

    At the moment you can download the data for the server directly from

    Yes it is the complete package.

    I will check the launcher again the next days.

    Best regards

    Hello Zoian,

    - Account menager: Yesterday i manage to create new account through the new account manager, but I never received confirmation email, so the account couldn't be approved and used in the game.

    please write me an PM with your eMail Adress and account name.


    Best regards


    Hello Zoian,

    Many thanks for your loyalty.

    I will coordinate with Kyrell and see what and if we build or rebuild something together.

    At the moment I'm thinking about using a different source core anyway to have more features.

    I will keep you up to date!

    Best regards


    Hello Zoian.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I have repaired the account manager. I had changed the root server during the weekend and set a wrong permission.

    To be close to your other one:

    It is nice that you like this server so much that you keep coming back.

    My question to you is, should it continue to be Hi5?

    In addition we can always use active help with all this.

    Unfortunately there are many construction sites.

    Among other things the account manager needs to be revised.

    A GameGuard like the one NCSoft has will be difficult, because it is always connected with a lot of costs.

    Unfortunately, I have noticed again and again that botting is very much in the foreground.

    What would you think about this. EndlessWorld currently does not have such a system.

    Best regards