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    Thank you for your message.

    All Divine Inspiration are intentionally not included in the Auto Learn skill and we do not include them.

    The time of Transform is also requested so it will not be extended.

    Best regards

    Thank you very much.

    It is now not correctly displayed on the server, but Zoian has given positive feedback.

    Best regards


    Thank you for your interesting words.

    I decided to give you both a little more insight into the server.

    Therefore you can use the link to download and view the configs until 16.03.2021.


    The server package you currently see on EW2.0 is not a pure L2JServer package. Therefore it may offer different options here and there than you are used to.

    At the top right of the download button you will see a small speech bubble. If you are interested in which server package we use here, you will find the name there.

    Fixing the Drop amounts is literally 1 number to change in the .ini

    If you can tell me where I have put a wrong value in the rates, I would be grateful if you could let me know.

    Furthermore I give to consider that on the Final Ew2.0 there will be neither a Buff NPC or a GM store.

    As a small bonus we have decided to provide Mana Potions. However, these have to be farmed, spoiled and crafted.

    Regarding the EpicBoss QueenAnt, I would like to say the following:
    I have no problem undoing the Epic Boss change.

    If you want to lay the boss only in the low level area, I can meet the wish with pleasure. However, for all Epic bosses, any stats must be adjusted to the buff time of the server. Please keep in mind that the "normal" buff time is max 20 mins.

    But instead of starting a open conversation with the few people that are somewhat interested in the server, they just ignore it and continue their own stuff.

    Your wishes or recommendations are things that are welcome. But they are only wishes or recommendations.

    We invest as much time and energy in the creation of Ew2.0 as you do.

    One reason why the server is still in alpha is that there are still things that can be discussed and restructured.

    It is just not a finished product!

    In conclusion, however, I would like to remind you of one thing.

    I always ask you to keep in mind that we are not taking any money with this project, nor is this project sponsored by anyone.

    Therefore, I take the right to make changes that do not meet your wishes.

    In this sinne I wish you a nice and not so rainy weekend.

    Best regards

    Es lohnt sich wenn den nur auf Ew1.0 zu zocken, da die Daten nicht verloren gehen werden.


    Da der Server in der Open Alpha ist, werden die erspielten Daten dort gelöscht, sobald er veröffentlicht wird.


    The following things are included in the update:

    (+ add | * delete | * change/fix)

    + add recovery items system

    + add reenter instance support with party, cc check

    + add param for freya hard (time limit for 2 stage)

    * blocked confirm dlg for levelup service (if part of service disabled)

    * Correct goddard siege zones (some of zones fell into town)

    * some changes in RequestSendPost packet

    * fixed doorman at Devastated Castle

    * fixed problem with finish quest

    * Fixed switch summons to follow status (was problem when summon attack mobs)

    * Area skills fixed damage for friends (spoil bomb example)

    * typo changes for Beleth

    * check invul status for chars at events

    * fixed problem with cast buff skills if char was in attacking status

    * rework geo pathfind with regoin height

    * auto attack stance not start if hit miss

    * rework calc skillmastery (more correct)

    * block attack buffer at oly battle

    * fixed fear (if effect in attacking mode)

    * floodprotection by enchanting

    Hello MatnoM !

    Thank you for your interest.

    At the moment I can't give a date when EndlessWorld 2.0 will finally go online.

    However, if you like, you can already get an idea of what you can expect.

    We are currently still fixing some bugs and regularly rebuilding some settings.

    I therefore still ask for patience

    Best regards

    The following things are included in the update:

    (+ add | - delete | * change/fix)

    + flood check for enchanting

    + group spawn by Kate

    + new AI for PrisonGuard

    + add delay param for spawn raids from dragon votexes

    * rework calc skillmastery (more correct)

    * rework select arenas at oly (now generate random)

    * some changes for drop system

    * rework effect menu in gm panel

    * correct chance for skill Turn Undead

    * Fixed unblock teleport in Vanhalter zone (if players kill boss)

    * some changes for skill Blazing Boost

    * fixed respawn at tw for clan outpost

    * Monastery of Silence fix empty time to close instance & fixed tele coords in instance for quest _10294_SevenSignToTheMonastery

    * correct level for forgotten skills

    * Banish Seraph correct chance

    * Fixed working skill Seal of Mirage

    * fix for working quest _053_LinnaeusSpecialBait

    * Fix for working skill Air Blade

    * fixed abnormal type for Chant of Blood Awakening

    * Fixed Relax use mp amount

    * Fiery Demon Blood use item one by one

    * Fixed problem use toggle skills if char in attack mode (was problem with cancel attack)

    * Fixed problem with Dance of Purification (was use 2 buff slots if use scheme buff)

    The following things are included in the update:

    (+ add | - delete | * change/fix)

    + Add new oly param for print opponents info

    + Add new oly param for confirmDlg msg

    + Add Seed of Destruction Defence Stage support

    + add quickly adding a drop system to npcs

    + add support for a few days in epic fixed respawn configs

    + add quest _693_DefeatingDragonkinRemnants

    + add support Seed of Destruction (Chamblain...

    + add disconect correct time support in menu

    + add save location and return players to his prev loc after events

    + add announce for restart server at 90 60 and 30 min

    + add param for remove stun effects in dp

    + add lvl diff for mobs for world events drop items

    + add param for lvl mod for summons - add auto announce for raids and epics by config list

    + add param for offline trade(not kick offline char and can play with any char at account)

    + add new block broadcast filter if it finds a forbidden words

    + add miss warden spawn

    + add block skills support for funpvp zones

    + add lethal immunity support at xml & check all npcs like L2OFF

    + add protection for respawn at fight events

    + add new param for epaulette drop (only for reg attackers at sieges)

    + Knoriks add miss debuffs (add to AI too)

    + add min skills support for Cancel and Steal skills

    * achivements event full rework!

    * fixed miss calc drop chance for world events drop items

    * change week and weeks oly period (now end at sunday)

    * fixed null error at onEvtArrived

    * finaly rework pailakas instances & quests

    * fixed null error for canRevive funPvp zones

    * rework 128 quest & instance support

    * rework events rewards - some changes for offline traders (remove login session)

    * check mails to peace zone (add check town zones or peace)

    * fixed print party info for clan info (for rank)

    * correct move info for pets (if pet hungry)

    * fixed sometimes there are problems with stun

    * block hero items for temp Heroes

    * Backstab recalc - some changes for debuffs

    * check conditions for use with ctrl for some skills

    * effects info by shift+click for players (only to mobs or raids)

    * correct Hex enchant params

    * fixed effect HpByLevel (was blocked)

    * fixed correct work for skill Lure

    * final changes for calc debuff chances (block all if resist >=100%)

    * 423 quest chance chance for spawn quest npc

    * rework treasure chests spawn (like l2off & rnd spawn zones)

    * fix kamael subs to add wrong classes

    * fixed disable trigger effects if use CancelBySlot or CancelProbability effects

    * rework Stun effect

    * rework global ai support for mobs (if region not active - mobs with global AI enable)

    * fixed to block negative lvl if lvlup by addExp

    * rework SquashEvent (calc Squash types like L2Off)

    Dear community!

    After long consideration and numerous discussions we have decided not to add the RaidBosses as custom.

    I also adjusted the RaidBoss drop rate to 5x

    As soon as the next core update comes out, I will make the server public for everyone. Here you can have a look at the server.

    But it is not yet a final release!

    See you soon!

    Best regards

    The following things are included in the update:

    (+ add | - delete | * change/fix)

    + add new param for epaulette drop (only for reg attackers at sieges)

    + add new param for epic drops

    + add delay remove flag for char if leave from fun pvp zone

    + add date/time info to punish logs

    + add param for pvp flag delay in fun zones

    + add check to Antharas enter (check portal stone at all party or cc members)

    + add rename clan service

    + spawn zones group by Kate

    + add new support for epics (attach respawn by days)

    + add config for beleth to enter without command channel

    + add support to destroy instance if command channel remove

    + add config to check IPv4Filter if need

    + add miss htmls

    + add custom msg for global chat info for low level

    + if item block use by condition char does not have to stay on the run

    + add fightevents block items support in xml:

    + dead altar guards cant attack pk players :)

    + add custom bypass for community buffer for pages

    + add check to reg to fortress sieges in TW progress & check castles sieges

    + add calc rune exp and sp in party

    * rework treasure chests spawn (like l2off & rnd spawn zones)

    * fix bypasses for 511 quest

    * fix correct request equip if chat in attacking status

    * check beleth to double spawn

    * check tp status to rune town (chars can use tp in rune Temple and from primeval island if rune siege is active)

    * check to use mass sweep

    * fixed null errors in 102 and 716 quests

    * general tp from npcs block only to town if town castle in siege (not all territory)

    * sweep can use if inventory full - items drop to the ground

    * HotSpring correct z coords for fish zones

    * param for block save tp at sieges (by order)

    * fixed miss hp bonus from enchanting belts

    * fixed freeze mage classes when raid die and char was in casting status

    * param for clan lvl default if create

    * some change pagan zone AIs

    * Requiem not need select target for cast

    * some change for beleth (was errors)

    * check summon attacks if oly round end

    * miss check color title items

    * fixed problem with craft if chance was more 100%

    * correct target size for skill Focus Attack

    * rework color services (add days support & config)

    * check change nobless prepare duel

    * check lvlup service if exp off

    * 196 quest & instance rework

    * if castle siege start check all clans on fort registering (if have reg to fort remove from reg list)

    * some changed method for falling

    * check time for skill Discord

    * fix wrong html link for quest 10277_MutatedKaneusDion

    * chamber of delusion instances rework & add chance to tp to boss room

    * check to cleanup sellbuffs (problem with dublicate skills)

    * rework VanHaler & pagan zone (like L2OFF)

    * fixed gaps under geo with fly skills

    * check stats for all pets (like L2OFF)

    * check auto generate territory wars battle time

    * punishment system group to one system (add attempts & individual logs for each char)

    * fix skill Requiem

    * fix skill Dust Storm

    * fix spawn static object for rune throne

    * fix mid victory at siege (clans were losing auto-attackable status)

    * fix problem with remove active transformation when char rebuff more skills

    * fix check full inventory for stackable items and herbs

    * disable getLevelMod calc stats for mobs

    * block invite msg to event if char dead (can be problem with ressurection)

    * block acp if char isCombatFlagEquipped

    * miss change import for dp scripts

    * fix null error at PetFeedTask

    * recalc SOA drop

    * miss change instance support for 10292 quest

    * fix miss htmls for 511 dungeon

    * party duel is instance battle

    * rework some instances

    * typo my mistake for epics add info to db

    * check 3rd class to reg to olympiad (like L2Off)

    * fix print info for castle status in community ranking (Shuttgart was hidden)

    * auto immediately save respawn time for all epics (if he's dead)

    * close login server error if connect was with bad decrypt info (close client connection)

    * auto add buffs to scheme if char create new scheme buffs

    * null errors for quest _716_PathToBecomingALordRune

    * fix errors by minions respawn by report

    * oly crit if relog client

    * fix errors by LizardmanSummoner AI

    * fix errors by TullyWorkshop null errors

    * fix null error in checkDoCastConditions

    * some change Leprechaun event support

    * rework 195 quest to static reward

    * rework instance for 195 quest (add hide aggro support & check points & AI)

    * fix auto attack for fly skill (check autoAttackable target status)

    * debug & group spawn zones by Kate

    * typo changes for running npcs

    * if char becomes noobless, he is immediately given 10 oly points

    * rework support for Olympiad zones

    * change calculation and size for World regions

    * some change admin npc info

    * fixed skill Fatal Counter

    * changes for falling

    * final changes for cubics

    * fix fly skills correct valid location (if use potions)

    * recommendations system full update to HF5

    * some changes with move controller

    * remove skill 8239 if char leave from instance