• Couple of suggestions:
    1. Max sub level 85 (including forgotten skills).
    2. Weight limit increased (by a lot).
    3. Full buffer including: Combat Aura, Counter Critical, Dance of Berserker, Dance of Shadows, Song of Purification, Eye of Pa'agrio, Pa'agrio Fist, Maestro buffs, Improved and all other important buffs. EXCEPT Pride of Kamael, Empowering Echo.
    4. Shift+left click to see Drop/Spoil/Monster stats like HP and other things with % chance of drop.
    5. Champion System: BLUE CHAMPION 5x EXP/SP/Drop/Spoil (If dropped/spoiled materials amount should be x5+the original drop rate of the server BUT only for materials IF gear by spoil or regular dropped the amount is 1 no matter of rates (armor/weapons/shield/cloaks/jewelry) EXCLUDING Raid Bosses/Grand Raid Bosses they should have multiple drops of 1 item. RED CHAMPION x10 same goes for the RED champ too.
    6. BUY/SELL amount increase from retail to 12 items for normal and 24 items for dwarfs both SELL/BUY and PACKAGE SALE increase to 12 as well.
    Tell me what you think! Ty for taking time and reading this.

  • Hello Dekar,

    Not sure your suggestions are for Endless World 1.0 or Endless World 2.0?

    If for 1.0, most of it applied already there (except for offline shops slots). Anyways, Admin said that the server is very old and almost impossible to update.

    If you make suggestion for Endless World 2.0 (Currently closed Alpha) You might write in the EW 2.0 section ( Or Shadow can move this tread there ). You can find there already some of the features posted by Shadow:

    Plans for EndlessWorld 2.0

    I am personally against any BUFFERS/ GM SHOPS/ GLOBAL GK's . I am against subs to go over level 80.

    Most of the servers out there has exactly this features and they are empty or closing in 2 months.

    The idea for the new server is to be more difficult one, with more slow development, so the players will need time to go to high level and work hard to equip their self and learn their skills. Game play to feel a bit more retail (still with some improvements). You can read more about our thoughts it in this tread ( if you didn't so far) :

    New Begining

    I agree to some degree for weight limit and offline shops slots. ( still not to be increased too much). Slots to be 6-8 for dwarfs and 4-5 for others. If someone wants more slots , he better go fishing :).

    Fully agree for champions mobs.

    Still further decision will be made from Shadow and Kyrell and I hope soon they will post more about the new server.