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    Hey folks,

    Im not playing any more, but I can give you my advise:

    The best way to get SA17 is trough Zaken(83lv) and normal Freya. Both are instances, so you can do them 3 times(Zaken) and 2 times(Freya) per week. Specially Zaken is not hard at all. And don't forget to bring SA16's with ur party and take the quest :)

    good luck


    I've placed the Daytime Zaken about 15 times solo or with my clan member, for example, and not even the boss jewelry comes

    You can not expect earing to drop from Daytime Zaken level 60, because the rate is 0.45% ( view in alt+B)
    At them moment the only chance is from Nighttime Zaken level 60, where the rate is 85%
    But you need a very strong 60level party with high level buffs ( I did buffers level 74 and delevel them back to 65)
    And still is a hard job to kill the nighttime zaken , I had 1 hour fight with 3 re-entries and 3 rebuffs.

    The solution here is the daytime Zaken earing drop to be increased from 0.45% to 4.45% for example. Then from 6-7 tries a 60 level parties will manage to get the eraing.

    At the moment the 3 Zakens has this rates for earing:
    Nighttime Zaken 60lv >>normal earing at 85%
    Daytime Zaken 60lv.>>normal earing at 0.45%
    Hard Zaken 83lv. >>>>blessed earing at 0.19%

    So as is seen is very disbalanced drop rate. Daytime Zaken is useless, and blessed earing is impossible to get. I personally killed Hard Zaken more then 100 times before, when the blessed earing was at 1% drop rate and never get it :)

    My suggestion is if the drop of the earing itself only could be change for Daytime and Hard Zaken's.
    For example:
    Daytime from 0.45%>>>4.45%
    Hard Zaken from 0.19>>>1.49%

    Like this at least there is some point to do these instances and expect a drop at one point :)


    It always your choice ;)

    Still keep in mind that NewWorldx5 is still in test mode, so do not lose time for class quests.

    After 31.03 when they announce the official opening and we start playing for real, then probably every quest will count :)



    No need for class change quests here.

    Once you are level 20/40/76 a question mark will pop up and you can change class for adena.
    For second class transfer price is 1kk

    Hi guys,

    For now mostly server perform good. The few quests that I tried work smoothly :)
    Only like in EW sometimes there is a delay on teleports.

    A few suggestions:
    - What you think about adding champions? For low rate server will be good in my opinion to have this additional champ boost specially for mats. But I think champs must be stronger then those in EW and with better rates for drop and spoil. Because now in EW chams practically doesn't drop/spoil nothing special and they are easy to kill.
    - Do you plan to add the EW shop ( with EW coins) ? This will be also good for NW. To have those Clan items/My teleport items/ SA crystals ( just maybe the SA should be only till 14 lets say)
    - I think will be good to decreased clan level requirement ( like in EW) For level 6 >15, level 7>25, level 8>35, something like that.

    If something else comes to mind will write again!

    pp: The drop/spoil limits are not OFF. At the moment you cans spoil only mobs close to your level.


    Hi guys,

    Few questions about new project:
    - Will GM buff and GM teleport/Boss teleport be part of the game? Or is just till is test mode?

    - Will this Alt+B store ( with Dyn/Icarus) will stay? Or is just test mode?
    - the buffs/songs/dance are 30 min? Will they be changed to 1h?

    Also to share my opinion about enchant rates:
    This rates 85%-18% are for high rates servers, where you can farm/spoil bigger number enchants and therefore not to be afraid of spending them.
    Yes, now you can go easy to +6/7, but after that you need a lot of scrolls and in low rate you can not get them.
    For low rate server much better to have the retail rates of 66.6% without decreasing the rate while you go up. Just a steady 66.6%.
    And as the blessed enchants will be very,very difficult to get, you can give a bonus for them >rate of 70%/75%.

    That's for me will be better option for NewWorld and even for EndlesWorld, where after the update now enchants are difficult to get also and both servers x5/x10 are still low rate.



    Just want to suggest a new start time for castle sieges. Currently they are every Sunday ( every 2 weeks) at 21:00.

    My suggestion is this starting time to be moved to 15:00 or 16:00 in the afternoon for example ( still on Sundays). I personally think is more suitable time for Sundays, because in the evenings most people would be with their families and couldn't really participate.

    What do you think?


    Edith by Shadow: Poll included


    I personally don't like any chronicle pass H5. My opinion and of the many old players is direct here >>>anything pass H5 is not LINEAGE 2 any more.
    As I said many times here even H5 is a but easy for old players taste, but at least still caries the L2 spirit.
    My personal preference and the best chronicle that I ever played is FREYA chronicle ( the one before H5). But what of heard is that is difficult nowadays to find such a client working properly. Not sure about it, I could be wrong.
    Another good chronicle is Gracia Epilogue/ Final. There are a few servers like this, and they have their followers. I do not play there, because they are too retail with dances/songs for 2 min / 2 users limit etc.
    Freya/Gracia chronicles are hard and I'm not sure how many ppl would like them, for sure the old players will do. It's just different feeling , when you are HAPPY to get even ONE Dynasty/Moirai part :)

    For me personally one of these 2 chronicles x5/x7/x10 with 1h buff/ No lint for acc/ No GM shop/ No boss teleport/ No GM buff will be ideal place to play :)

    Of course if the community has different demands go for it.
    I will stay in EW 2.2


    As said, do an enchant reset, down to the half and let the rates go back to how they were before the update and that should be more than fair then.

    No, no, no c'mon, enchant reset was done already once. What we gonna reset it every 3 months? I already enchanted my items 2 times over.

    Either start from 0, either we do nothing. This half ways and partial resets are nonsence!

    For the rates I agree.



    The clan hall auction finished almost 2 hours ago, and the 2 clan halls that I made a bit are still not available.
    More so, they do not exist any more in auctioneer list as like they are taken. But when I check their status, is coming window with missing text:

    Shadow could you check pls?


    What you mean with this part-wipe?
    Either full wipe , or not at all :)

    For me full wipe is the best option

    You will ask why?
    Because server rates now changed several times and finally we have GOOD rates for a low rate server. That means that whoever took advantage from the previous REALLY HIGH rates will have much more benefits then any new player, who has to grind hard to catch up!
    Because char's and items from EW1.0 are still in EW2.1 and that's also not fair to any new player.
    I am the one who will lose the most from the wipe, because I will lose all my elegia sets and +16 weapons, but I don't mind at all. Because this is the right thing to do!

    New server/ new rates>>>>>everybody MUST start equally from 0

    If the community decides for NO WIPE, then in my opinion the rates must be brought back to those before the update.



    Is it possible to open the registration for sieges tonight?

    So we can take our castles back tonight. Otherwise we have to wait 2 more weeks.


    But then you have to say that if you add Vorpal or Eligia, then you should tweak the raids, because they are very harmless at the moment ;).


    In my suggestion Vorpal/Elegia drop was meant only for Beleth, not for the lesser bosses at the different floors.
    Anyway even if Elegia is a bit too much, I think Vorpal will be good addition to Beleth drop in comparing the difficulty of the place and how to get there with whole party.


    Hi Shadow,

    Regarding the future cleaning of Castles/ Clan Halls.
    It is not possible the active clans to keep their gains? You can not clean just the stale ones?

    We can tell you which ones are not active.
    Especially for the castle I personally have big problem . I'm very rarely free Saturday/Sunday night and if you take my clan castle now, I'm not sure when I would have opportunity to take it back, as Sunday's evenings are almost impossible for me to log.

    Hope we find different solution.


    Yeah, I know about the 9 char's . I went with 9 char's, all of them level 58-62. Just something is wrong with the entrance.
    If the problem is with the number, the NPC is saying it, that your number is not enough.
    Here we have only :
    ''this is not right time to challenge Zaken''

    But as I said, there is no right time at the moment, I tried day and night still the same.