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    Hey Shadow,

    Yes, you are correct, is your project and the decisions are yours. Just is a pity that there are no even one good server any more. That is the reason, that I am trying to help here, because I think that you guys want to open a server that is not like all the rest ( which are all the same and closing in max 2 months) .
    I am testing the 2.0 since day 1. It has been what..6-7 months already? Maybe more. You know that I always share my thoughts on the private channel. And I reported the drop problem immediately. I think it started with the update done on 31th of January - some changes for drop system:

    * rework calc skillmastery (more correct)

    * rework select arenas at oly (now generate random)

    * some changes for drop system

    Till then everything was ok with the rates ( except Zaken). Now I have never opened server files, and I do not know how the rates must be adjusted, or from where it could be fixed. I just want you to understand that the rates now are not x10. The chance rates are x10, but the quantity( amount) are away higher. For me it looks like x50. And that is a big problem. You can test it your self. Take GM char and go in Dragon Valley to kill some mobs.
    I do not know from where the problem has come but is affecting not only the mobs, but the Bosses too. And the balance now is totally broken.

    Of course my wishes or recommendation are not the final instance, but only opinion.
    But I think, that you have to present your final view for the future of the 2.0 and how and when you think the project will start. So even the people who passing by could decide it will worth their time or not. Even if you want make a pool or something , if you are not sure. But players need to know exactly what to expect. Once you earn the people's thrust and they see that they will spend quality time, then you can expect some earnings as well.
    I personally ( maybe other players as well) do not mind to pay even a small fee every month....but if the quality of the server is worth our time.



    Locking Worldbosses to 85 could bring up a trend where only the top gears are able to hunt this while everyone under S84 cries in a corner and this is simply not the way this Chronicle is supposed to work.
    If you want Goddess of Destruction playwise, make a GoD Server then

    Exactly, thank you.

    I was testing the server, because I had hopes, that finally someone will manage to produce a normal server without all this custom crap, that all other servers are offering. And because of all this customization at the end all servers last for 1-2 months and they are done.
    And at the beginning EW 2.0 was going really in the correct path, but the last updates just messed everything.

    The real hardcore players doesn't need global GK, doesn't need GM shop with everything inside, doesn't need rates x50 ( now a mob in dragon valley is dropping 5-10 dark/fire stones?!?!), doesn't need mana pot's. Bosses can not be all 85. There is a reason why they have different levels.

    Lineage 2 was never meant to be easy game, that is why almost all servers are failing, because owners are failing to understand that simple fact.
    Still I hope Shadow and Kyrell will realise that and reconsider their structure and establish the goals for how the server should look like.

    * Queen Ant LvL 85 needs to be tested


    This is in my opinion huge mistake and if I remember correctly Shadow said in the announcement section, that neither of the bosses will get customized.

    After long consideration and numerous discussions we have decided not to add the RaidBosses as custom.

    I have checked the queen now is 85lvl but with drop of D grade. Not cool. And the whole customization will not bring nothing good for the server.
    You have customized all bosses in EW 1.0. And what this brought to the server?

    Check the online now to answer your question ...
    I was testing EW 2.0 from the start, already half a year. I have created a whole clan and manage to raise it to level 7. I tested most of the instances (without Freya). And everything was working cool, except a few small bugs here and there. But a month or 2 ago after a new update whole server drop get messed up.

    THE QANTITY DROP( not the chance) is a total mess now.
    - Mobs are dropping with quantity rates x50-x100?
    - Bosses are dropping 5 weapons and 7-10 full armour each?
    - On other hand epics ( ZAKEN) has 0.018 to drop the earing?

    For every server to work good the most important thing is the balance. And if the balance is messed up, do not expect nothing good.
    As I said few months ago the EW 2.0 was almost perfect - low rates (x10), retail bosses. Now unfortunately after these last updates is some kind of hybrid server with unknown rates.
    So you have to ask your self what kind of server you want to offer and work towards your goals:
    1. MId rate with custom settings, bosses, GM shops, GK and other stuff we all now form all servers popping up now and last for 1 month.
    2. Low rate server( how EW 2.0 started), without custom stuff ( or very few) were players will need time to develop and enjoy the game without having everything ready.

    Number ONE will target mostly yang players who are used to jump from server to server just to fill their time. Number TWO will target the old hardcore players, who enjoying developing and do not want to be level 85 in 3 days.

    So the server doesn't need mana pot's, no. The server needs a DECISION what kind of server will be and which group of players will target. I will support the SECOND option of course, as many times I said already in my previous posts. But the decision will be yours.



    My opinion is that neither of the bosses should be customized. That was the point of the new server, isn't it?

    Otherwise we are going back to EW 1.0, where exactly this customization repel new players. If you customize Core what's next? Someone will ask to customize Baium, and that will be the end of the server.

    Who wants customized bosses could play in EW1.0

    The only thing you could change to all raids is the chance drop, which in Alfa is x1 and doesn't response to a x10 server.




    I am not exactly sure which quest is needed exactly for H5. I have always done only this quest:

    But I found that there is another:

    So I am not sure if both have to be done, as everywhere I played, Hellbound was already open, so I have done only the first one. And it takes only 5 minutes. I don't know if the second apply for Hi5 or was only for Gracia

    If is only the first one I don't mind it. But the second ( if applies for Hi5) is with killing Baylor, so maybe could be skipped.

    Hello Dekar,

    Not sure your suggestions are for Endless World 1.0 or Endless World 2.0?

    If for 1.0, most of it applied already there (except for offline shops slots). Anyways, Admin said that the server is very old and almost impossible to update.

    If you make suggestion for Endless World 2.0 (Currently closed Alpha) You might write in the EW 2.0 section ( Or Shadow can move this tread there ). You can find there already some of the features posted by Shadow:

    Plans for EndlessWorld 2.0

    I am personally against any BUFFERS/ GM SHOPS/ GLOBAL GK's . I am against subs to go over level 80.

    Most of the servers out there has exactly this features and they are empty or closing in 2 months.

    The idea for the new server is to be more difficult one, with more slow development, so the players will need time to go to high level and work hard to equip their self and learn their skills. Game play to feel a bit more retail (still with some improvements). You can read more about our thoughts it in this tread ( if you didn't so far) :

    New Begining

    I agree to some degree for weight limit and offline shops slots. ( still not to be increased too much). Slots to be 6-8 for dwarfs and 4-5 for others. If someone wants more slots , he better go fishing :).

    Fully agree for champions mobs.

    Still further decision will be made from Shadow and Kyrell and I hope soon they will post more about the new server.

    Hey Gold,

    Yes, you have a point for the Raid drop. But when I made those suggestions, still I was searching mostly for a some kind a middle ground , cuz the current Endless World rates are very high.

    I wouldn't mind a Raid drop and Quest reward to be x2/x3 or x4. Looking it now x7 is really too high!

    About the books also I do not mind. I suggested at least those after 81lvl to not be automatic, but for me wouldn't be a problem all skills to be learn manually and with books.

    Also I would recommend to Shadow and Kyrell to not apply any kind of Buffer and Global GK.

    About GM shop I agree. Better Not. Still, I think there could be some Custom Grosser( Or Vote shop) in Giran. BUT, with just some really low level stuff and cosmetics.


    - Recipes for low S Grade (not Dynasty)

    - SA 11 and 12 maybe

    - Some Agathions maybe

    - Some hats, circlets or other L2 fashion.

    - Mounts

    - maybe some quest items for 3rd class change( if there is no class master)

    There is a bit of a hole between A grade and S80. Is easier to craft Moirai set then Imperial Crusader set for example( in terms of spoil of recopies and parts), so something to help and give a push in that direction.

    Nevertheless the B grade and A grade items in luxury shop are completely enough to grind your way for better armour and weapon :)

    My hole point is , the game MUST not be easy, and give the players time to enjoy and develop. Still there could be some small pushes, to avoid some boring parts as loooong pointless quests.




    Fully agree with GOLD's points.

    I am strongly against anything after H5. Even H5 is a bit too....easy :) But , still is playable and has its qualities (balanced oly). Also I am strongly against many custom stuff applied to most of todays servers. For me as less custom( or none) is better. And Endless World has maaaaany custom features, which actually are repelling players. Custom bosses with custom drop Dynasty, Moirai, Vesper - NO, Custom treasure chest(every chest is dropping a scroll) - NO, Custom safe rate+6 -BIG NO, NO. I read somewhere suggestion for safe +10 or more. Common this is not STAR WARS is Lineage.

    Of course Endless World has maaaany good qualities - No FULL BUFF, NO GLOBAL GK, NO GM shop- these are all good features.

    But Endless World needs to find the right balance.

    I have already given my rates/features proposal. You can find it in this tread:

    What Rates you wanna See?

    I copy it mostly from a server that I played for 5 years. Just the chronicle there was FREYA. You can check this server here:

    Is not working any more, because the owner has his personal business to attend and didn't have time to maintain the server. But the server worked good for almost 7 year and is worth to check the structure and the features. In this server I get my first set +6 after a year playing, in Endless World you can do it for 4 days.

    I think to attract the real players you need a close to retail server H5/Freya/Gracia Epilogue with rates not more then x10. Without many custom stuff. Server where real players will enjoy developing their characters, armours , weapons for years. You do not need server, where everybody will get everything for a month and after get bored and just leave.



    Hey Shadow

    If you can change the link on the page ''game files'' with a working one. Or maybe with the link I gave above for the system folder


    Sorry Dekar

    It won't go throuh email either - showing the file is too big

    If you know some other way?

    Or we will have to wait tomorrow admin to fix it on site as he went off now.

    Dekar I tried to attach the zip here , but apperantly the file is too big

    If you send me on PM some email address, I can send it to you

    Shadow! The link on the site for the system is not working. Please check it tomorrow


    Hello Shadow!

    In the meantime , if you find some time, could you please check a few things on the main server:

    - Account menager: Yesterday i manage to create new account through the new account manager, but I never received confirmation email, so the account couldn't be approved and used in the game.

    - Please increase the slots of dwarfs offline shops. Now they are only 4. Could you make them 8? So I can put more stuff on the market, that could help any new player.

    - Check Frizntezza instance. I tried many times, and after the first room, when I kill all mobs, the door just does not open. maybe there is mob somwere stuck in a wall.

    - If you can please inciease the drop of the Freya Cloak. Now is like 3%. It will be good if is like 10-15%. The quest for cloaks is not working anyways, so that is the only way to get it.

    Thanks and I wil wait for news

    Best regards,


    Hello Shadow,

    Thanks for your responce.

    I keep coming, yes.Endless World is now a old server and still open. Also gave me good times and good memories. And if I have a questions, you are always here to answer :)

    Server has many good qualities, but yet needs also many things to be fixed.

    The main thing on which you have to think is:

    - could you rework the main server or not? If there is such an option and you can fix the issues , well then I think the server has a good chance to get populated again. Beleve me there is no good servers out there.

    - If the main server can not be reworked, could the ''Test server'' be open, tested and turned n to a MAIN with more retail features?

    I am not sure what is the exact state of both servers, that is why I am asking.

    About the chronicle: My personal liking is not Hi5. Is Freya, the cronicle before Hi5. But i can stick with Hi5. What i know is that is very dificult to find suport for other chroncles then Hi5 or Interlude. If you open L2 sites, you will see that 98% of them are either Inretlude, either Hi5.

    So here mostly depending on you and what kind of suport you can find. But still anything from Gracia Final/Gracia Epiloge/Freya or Hi5 is ok. Any chronicle after Those are not loved from L2 comunity, neither from me.

    About botting, you should not be worried. Server can work good even without antibot system. Many servers nowdays allow it, others with GameGuards can not stopped anyways. Let us first get people come back to Endless World and start playing. This is more imprtant task :)

    I will test the account menager. If you need my help with something do not hesitate to ask me.



    Hello Shadow and Kyrell,

    I was wondering if you are free enugh to do some work on the server(s)?

    I have tried around 10 servers, and you can not imagine what a piece of crap are all servers out there. All of them the same - vote / donations and closing in 1 month.

    Endlesss World is a much better in many ways,but need some work. Still depends on you if you have time and desire :)

    If you can rework the main server these are some important things that could be changed for better game:

    - Remove these custom bosses. The drop of Dynasty/Morai/Vasper from regular boss is not good for the life of the server. Players should craft those. Is much better all the bosses to have their retail drop. You can add some cusotm coin if you want, but not more.

    - Try to fix your instances. Tiat/Zaken/Twin bosses/Beleth are not working. Today i did Frintezza, and after first room the door did not open. Maybe need only restart, but this instance now is now working as well. Freya is only one ( there is no extream). Maybe you can add the original instance with both Freyas? And normal Freya should not drop Elegia.

    - Remove the safe enchat +6. Sets +6 shoud not be so easy to make. Leave it safe +4 , not more.

    - Remove SA 15 and 16 from the store. Let the players try to do them through raids

    - Increase inventary of the dwarfs. 150 fro dwarf is not enough

    - Increase slots on the offline shops. So people could sell more the 4 items. That will bring the econimy up. Make the dwarfs with 8 and the others with 6 for example.

    - Add some small VOTE shop, so people will have interest to vote. Some atr stones, some S grade recepies, agailthons, cosmetics e.t.

    - Wipe the server for a new-fresh start.

    One of the best things of Endlless World is that doesn't have GM shop/Global GK/Full Buff. These in my opinion MUST stay. It feels much better the real game without many custom stuff.

    If the server was bouth this way and now all this issues can not be fixed, maybe you can work on the test server x10, that you wanted to open?

    Two more things on the site:

    - The new account manager is worst then the old one. On the new , you can sreate only one account with one email ( on the old one this was not an issue). This is very inconveniant and could through off players. Maybe you can fix it?

    - The link for the launcher i think is not working, new players need to research the forum, to find the real link. If you fix this will be better :)

    That is all. Perhaps you have a jobs and not much time, but I had to write all this. I miss LIneage and there is not even ONE good server out there. Endless World is empty as well. We might change that, if you have time and desire.

    Best wishes,