Steel Citadel

  • Hello all,

    Want to make a suggestion regarding Steel Citadel in Hellbound, that could make it more entertaining and valuable for farm.

    So Steel Citadel is very cool place with a lot of bosses and quests and and generally you can spend quality time there. But since H5 update the value of the citadel decreased drastically, because just the drop of the bosses there doesn't correspond to the difficulty of the place. For Gracia and Freya chrionicles was ok, but for H5 not any more and the citadel is quite and empty place. The drop of low S grade of the bosses is not interesting. And even Beleth itself is dropping Vesper and Icarus weapons and those you can spoil now in H5 in Dragon Valley, especially in our server.

    My suggestion is the drop of the bosses to be changes to something more worthy.
    Fir example:

    Raid Boss Demon Price - to drop Dynasty Tunic Set parts + 3 types of Dynasty weapons (Phantom/ Mace/ Cudgel) instead low S weapons

    Raid Boss Ranku - to drop Dynasty Light Set parts + 3 types of Dynasty weapons (Bow/ Knife/ Bagh-Nakh) instead low S weapons

    Raid Boss Tully - to drop Dynasty Heavy Set parts + 4 types of Dynasty weapons ( Sword/ Blade/ Crusher/ Halbert) instead draconic set+bow

    Raid Boss Darion - to drop Moirai Heavy Set parts + 3 types of Icarus weapons ( Sawsword/ Trident/ / Heavy Arms) instead draconic set+ low S weapons ( Darion has an Epic Weapon in his drop. This must not be removed!)

    Raid Boss Epidos - they are 4 of them, so they could be all changed with Vesper Armor/ Weapons drop.

    And of course Beleth!

    Beleth as for now is more difficult , then Freya and drops just vesper/icarus weapons. In my opinion would be better her drop to be changed to Elegia/Vorpal.

    Of course all this bosses could be additionally straighten up , so they are a bit more difficult then they are now.

    Any thoughts? Or maybe someone has better idea for the citadel?
    Waiting your ideas and suggestions.

    And of course Shadow must confirm if this kind of changes are possible at all.