Changelog 2.0 Open Alpha v6

    • Official Post

    The following things are included in the update:

    (+ add | - delete | * change/fix)

    + flood check for enchanting

    + group spawn by Kate

    + new AI for PrisonGuard

    + add delay param for spawn raids from dragon votexes

    * rework calc skillmastery (more correct)

    * rework select arenas at oly (now generate random)

    * some changes for drop system

    * rework effect menu in gm panel

    * correct chance for skill Turn Undead

    * Fixed unblock teleport in Vanhalter zone (if players kill boss)

    * some changes for skill Blazing Boost

    * fixed respawn at tw for clan outpost

    * Monastery of Silence fix empty time to close instance & fixed tele coords in instance for quest _10294_SevenSignToTheMonastery

    * correct level for forgotten skills

    * Banish Seraph correct chance

    * Fixed working skill Seal of Mirage

    * fix for working quest _053_LinnaeusSpecialBait

    * Fix for working skill Air Blade

    * fixed abnormal type for Chant of Blood Awakening

    * Fixed Relax use mp amount

    * Fiery Demon Blood use item one by one

    * Fixed problem use toggle skills if char in attack mode (was problem with cancel attack)

    * Fixed problem with Dance of Purification (was use 2 buff slots if use scheme buff)