Changelog 2.0 Alpha v4

  • The following things are included in the update:

    (+ add | - delete | * change/fix)

    + add new param for epaulette drop (only for reg attackers at sieges)

    + add new param for epic drops

    + add delay remove flag for char if leave from fun pvp zone

    + add date/time info to punish logs

    + add param for pvp flag delay in fun zones

    + add check to Antharas enter (check portal stone at all party or cc members)

    + add rename clan service

    + spawn zones group by Kate

    + add new support for epics (attach respawn by days)

    + add config for beleth to enter without command channel

    + add support to destroy instance if command channel remove

    + add config to check IPv4Filter if need

    + add miss htmls

    + add custom msg for global chat info for low level

    + if item block use by condition char does not have to stay on the run

    + add fightevents block items support in xml:

    + dead altar guards cant attack pk players :)

    + add custom bypass for community buffer for pages

    + add check to reg to fortress sieges in TW progress & check castles sieges

    + add calc rune exp and sp in party

    * rework treasure chests spawn (like l2off & rnd spawn zones)

    * fix bypasses for 511 quest

    * fix correct request equip if chat in attacking status

    * check beleth to double spawn

    * check tp status to rune town (chars can use tp in rune Temple and from primeval island if rune siege is active)

    * check to use mass sweep

    * fixed null errors in 102 and 716 quests

    * general tp from npcs block only to town if town castle in siege (not all territory)

    * sweep can use if inventory full - items drop to the ground

    * HotSpring correct z coords for fish zones

    * param for block save tp at sieges (by order)

    * fixed miss hp bonus from enchanting belts

    * fixed freeze mage classes when raid die and char was in casting status

    * param for clan lvl default if create

    * some change pagan zone AIs

    * Requiem not need select target for cast

    * some change for beleth (was errors)

    * check summon attacks if oly round end

    * miss check color title items

    * fixed problem with craft if chance was more 100%

    * correct target size for skill Focus Attack

    * rework color services (add days support & config)

    * check change nobless prepare duel

    * check lvlup service if exp off

    * 196 quest & instance rework

    * if castle siege start check all clans on fort registering (if have reg to fort remove from reg list)

    * some changed method for falling

    * check time for skill Discord

    * fix wrong html link for quest 10277_MutatedKaneusDion

    * chamber of delusion instances rework & add chance to tp to boss room

    * check to cleanup sellbuffs (problem with dublicate skills)

    * rework VanHaler & pagan zone (like L2OFF)

    * fixed gaps under geo with fly skills

    * check stats for all pets (like L2OFF)

    * check auto generate territory wars battle time

    * punishment system group to one system (add attempts & individual logs for each char)

    * fix skill Requiem

    * fix skill Dust Storm

    * fix spawn static object for rune throne

    * fix mid victory at siege (clans were losing auto-attackable status)

    * fix problem with remove active transformation when char rebuff more skills

    * fix check full inventory for stackable items and herbs

    * disable getLevelMod calc stats for mobs

    * block invite msg to event if char dead (can be problem with ressurection)

    * block acp if char isCombatFlagEquipped

    * miss change import for dp scripts

    * fix null error at PetFeedTask

    * recalc SOA drop

    * miss change instance support for 10292 quest

    * fix miss htmls for 511 dungeon

    * party duel is instance battle

    * rework some instances

    * typo my mistake for epics add info to db

    * check 3rd class to reg to olympiad (like L2Off)

    * fix print info for castle status in community ranking (Shuttgart was hidden)

    * auto immediately save respawn time for all epics (if he's dead)

    * close login server error if connect was with bad decrypt info (close client connection)

    * auto add buffs to scheme if char create new scheme buffs

    * null errors for quest _716_PathToBecomingALordRune

    * fix errors by minions respawn by report

    * oly crit if relog client

    * fix errors by LizardmanSummoner AI

    * fix errors by TullyWorkshop null errors

    * fix null error in checkDoCastConditions

    * some change Leprechaun event support

    * rework 195 quest to static reward

    * rework instance for 195 quest (add hide aggro support & check points & AI)

    * fix auto attack for fly skill (check autoAttackable target status)

    * debug & group spawn zones by Kate

    * typo changes for running npcs

    * if char becomes noobless, he is immediately given 10 oly points

    * rework support for Olympiad zones

    * change calculation and size for World regions

    * some change admin npc info

    * fixed skill Fatal Counter

    * changes for falling

    * final changes for cubics

    * fix fly skills correct valid location (if use potions)

    * recommendations system full update to HF5

    * some changes with move controller

    * remove skill 8239 if char leave from instance