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  • Hello Shadow and Kyrell,

    I was wondering if you are free enugh to do some work on the server(s)?

    I have tried around 10 servers, and you can not imagine what a piece of crap are all servers out there. All of them the same - vote / donations and closing in 1 month.

    Endlesss World is a much better in many ways,but need some work. Still depends on you if you have time and desire :)

    If you can rework the main server these are some important things that could be changed for better game:

    - Remove these custom bosses. The drop of Dynasty/Morai/Vasper from regular boss is not good for the life of the server. Players should craft those. Is much better all the bosses to have their retail drop. You can add some cusotm coin if you want, but not more.

    - Try to fix your instances. Tiat/Zaken/Twin bosses/Beleth are not working. Today i did Frintezza, and after first room the door did not open. Maybe need only restart, but this instance now is now working as well. Freya is only one ( there is no extream). Maybe you can add the original instance with both Freyas? And normal Freya should not drop Elegia.

    - Remove the safe enchat +6. Sets +6 shoud not be so easy to make. Leave it safe +4 , not more.

    - Remove SA 15 and 16 from the store. Let the players try to do them through raids

    - Increase inventary of the dwarfs. 150 fro dwarf is not enough

    - Increase slots on the offline shops. So people could sell more the 4 items. That will bring the econimy up. Make the dwarfs with 8 and the others with 6 for example.

    - Add some small VOTE shop, so people will have interest to vote. Some atr stones, some S grade recepies, agailthons, cosmetics e.t.

    - Wipe the server for a new-fresh start.

    One of the best things of Endlless World is that doesn't have GM shop/Global GK/Full Buff. These in my opinion MUST stay. It feels much better the real game without many custom stuff.

    If the server was bouth this way and now all this issues can not be fixed, maybe you can work on the test server x10, that you wanted to open?

    Two more things on the site:

    - The new account manager is worst then the old one. On the new , you can sreate only one account with one email ( on the old one this was not an issue). This is very inconveniant and could through off players. Maybe you can fix it?

    - The link for the launcher i think is not working, new players need to research the forum, to find the real link. If you fix this will be better :)

    That is all. Perhaps you have a jobs and not much time, but I had to write all this. I miss LIneage and there is not even ONE good server out there. Endless World is empty as well. We might change that, if you have time and desire.

    Best wishes,


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    Hello Zoian.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I have repaired the account manager. I had changed the root server during the weekend and set a wrong permission.

    To be close to your other one:

    It is nice that you like this server so much that you keep coming back.

    My question to you is, should it continue to be Hi5?

    In addition we can always use active help with all this.

    Unfortunately there are many construction sites.

    Among other things the account manager needs to be revised.

    A GameGuard like the one NCSoft has will be difficult, because it is always connected with a lot of costs.

    Unfortunately, I have noticed again and again that botting is very much in the foreground.

    What would you think about this. EndlessWorld currently does not have such a system.

    Best regards


  • Hello Shadow,

    Thanks for your responce.

    I keep coming, yes.Endless World is now a old server and still open. Also gave me good times and good memories. And if I have a questions, you are always here to answer :)

    Server has many good qualities, but yet needs also many things to be fixed.

    The main thing on which you have to think is:

    - could you rework the main server or not? If there is such an option and you can fix the issues , well then I think the server has a good chance to get populated again. Beleve me there is no good servers out there.

    - If the main server can not be reworked, could the ''Test server'' be open, tested and turned n to a MAIN with more retail features?

    I am not sure what is the exact state of both servers, that is why I am asking.

    About the chronicle: My personal liking is not Hi5. Is Freya, the cronicle before Hi5. But i can stick with Hi5. What i know is that is very dificult to find suport for other chroncles then Hi5 or Interlude. If you open L2 sites, you will see that 98% of them are either Inretlude, either Hi5.

    So here mostly depending on you and what kind of suport you can find. But still anything from Gracia Final/Gracia Epiloge/Freya or Hi5 is ok. Any chronicle after Those are not loved from L2 comunity, neither from me.

    About botting, you should not be worried. Server can work good even without antibot system. Many servers nowdays allow it, others with GameGuards can not stopped anyways. Let us first get people come back to Endless World and start playing. This is more imprtant task :)

    I will test the account menager. If you need my help with something do not hesitate to ask me.



  • Hello Shadow!

    In the meantime , if you find some time, could you please check a few things on the main server:

    - Account menager: Yesterday i manage to create new account through the new account manager, but I never received confirmation email, so the account couldn't be approved and used in the game.

    - Please increase the slots of dwarfs offline shops. Now they are only 4. Could you make them 8? So I can put more stuff on the market, that could help any new player.

    - Check Frizntezza instance. I tried many times, and after the first room, when I kill all mobs, the door just does not open. maybe there is mob somwere stuck in a wall.

    - If you can please inciease the drop of the Freya Cloak. Now is like 3%. It will be good if is like 10-15%. The quest for cloaks is not working anyways, so that is the only way to get it.

    Thanks and I wil wait for news

    Best regards,


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    Hello Zoian,

    - Account menager: Yesterday i manage to create new account through the new account manager, but I never received confirmation email, so the account couldn't be approved and used in the game.

    please write me an PM with your eMail Adress and account name.


    Best regards