• Hello,

    I tried to enter and check on testserver, but the launcher is not working at all, doesnt update files and I cannot log.

    Any idea why? I played here more then a year and before never had problems.



  • Hi,

    Yep is working, but are missing gallters, gloves, boots and helmets. You can buy only breastplates and shealds.

    Could you add the rest please?

    And reduce the prices ot B/A/S/S80

    S84 is reduced i saw :)

    Thank you.

  • hey in this shop you get a Armor set

    just klick on breastplate and see on the right side of the window.

    prices will be reduced for the most things i think :D

  • Jeez, didnt notice they are by sets. Thanks!

    I list of few things i notice for now:

    - The spoil rate is really low. Im spoiling 1 mob from 7. Tha chance is good though. When you manage to spoil you get the item x7. Not sure you did it on purpouse or need fixing.

    - There is a NPC in Rune that is exchanging goods for medals. But the mobs are not droping any. Maybe you plan to add them later, dont know, just a notice

    - Some of the mobs you can not hit, also treasure chests. When you try to hit, message is showing that the distance is too great. And actually you are next to them.

    And some suggestions:

    - Maybe will be better if you increase the inventary slots. From 80 to 100 to all char's. For dwarfs from 100 to 150.

    - The buff Combat Aura of my SE is only 20 min. I guess other class buffs will be the same. Maybe you can make them 1h?

    That it for now. Will write again!