What Rates you wanna See?

  • Dear Community,

    I have thought about it, that you can think about a concept, how you imagine the server from us. Please note that these are only suggestions.

    Have fun working it out.




    Liebe Community,

    ich habe mir überlegt, dass ihr euch gerne mal ein Konzept überlegen könnt, wie ihr den Server von uns euch vorstellt. Bitte beachte das es nur Vorschläge sind.

    Viel Spaß beim austüffteln.



  • Hi all,

    My vision for the server:

    Chronicle: You chose already H5


    XP 7x

    CP 7x

    Party XP 1.5x

    Party CP 1.5 x

    Drop 10x

    Spoil 10x

    Raid Drop 7x

    Quest Drop 7x

    Quest Adena 7x

    Hellbound lvl11

    Safe Enchant +3

    Max Enchant +16

    Enchant scrolls 66%

    Blessed scrolls 75%

    Attr Stones 66%

    Attr Crystals 50%

    Class Master

    Basic equipment shop up till low S grade.

    NPC buffer - only basic buffs

    Buff duration - 1h

    Subclasses - 3

    Subclass quest - No

    Noble Quest -Yes

    Auto skill learning up to 81 level. After books are needed!

    No limits for accounts.

    Private shop sell slots:

    Dwarfs 8

    Others 4

    Champion system. Could be with two kinds - Medium and Hard.

    Leveling for soul crystals increased!

    All Quests and Instances working!

    Very important for me specially - Do not apply custom bosses, weapons, armors. Do not offer GM shop with everything inside.

    Maybe donation shop with cosmetics, attribute cry, blessed scrolls and exp potions.

    That's my perfect options!



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