Freya nicht anwesend

  • Hallo,

    bin heute zu Freya gegangen, zu NPC Jinina, alles vorbereitet, Jinia hat uns geportet, ordentlich gebufft und los gerannt in die Halle rein.

    Freya ist aber nicht erschienen. Wir sind in der Halle 45 min. rumgerannt, nichts ist passiert.

    Was kann es sein?

  • Hi,

    Here are some steps to follow, so you can defeat Freya without troubles:

    1Take all your buffers

    2 Jina will transfer you in the small hall. Buff your fighters. Take water resist buff and dance.

    3 Get out buffers from the instance

    4 Move your fighters in the great hall - up in front of the throne. Leave one fighter in front of the NPC at the end of the small coridor. When all are up speak with the NPC and choose ''open the door''. Run quickly up and join the others. Wait there. Freya will come.

    5 Stage one:Fight Freya up. Do not run down. When you kill her, you will have minute break. Leave all next to the throne. Only the Tank on the top of the stairs.

    6 Stage two: Some mobs will show-kill them. Glakies will appear at the middle of the hall. Lure him up, where the others with your tank. Use Aggression!

    7 Fight and kill Glakies next to the throne. After one minute break.

    8 Stage three: Freya will come again. She will run down the hall. Again leave all up and with the tank and aggression get her back up. Fight and kill her.

    9 Grazi!!! You will have Top S84 weapon and Elegia parts!

    The reason to keep the fight up is because many mobs spawning down. They will come up as well, but slowly and one by one.