Plans for EndlessWorld 2.0

    • Official Post

    Dear Community,

    Today I would like to give you a short insight into our plans.

    We have decided that we will not update EndlessWorld 1.0.

    This source is just too old (I am horrified 6 years myself) 8|

    I'm really sorry that I haven't actively tinkered with the server for so long.

    But this server will stay online! But probably only for "old" users.

    Kyrell and I are of the opinion that we will make something completely new and also something different.

    The Chronicle will remain HighFive.

    However, we have considered the following rates:


    Exp/SP: 10x

    Party: 2x

    Drop: 10x

    Spoil: 10x

    Adena: 12x


    Safe +4

    Max +20

    Scrolls: variable (with increasing Enchant-Level less chance)


    Subclass: 3

    Level: 80


    Characters: 150 Slots

    Dwarf: 250 Slots

    Quests: 100 Slots


    Character: 150 Slots

    Dwarf: 250 Slots

    Clan: 250 Slots

    Further details will follow in the next few weeks.

    You are welcome to share your opinion with us.

    Best regards

    • Official Post

    Dear community!

    After long consideration and numerous discussions we have decided not to add the RaidBosses as custom.

    I also adjusted the RaidBoss drop rate to 5x

    As soon as the next core update comes out, I will make the server public for everyone. Here you can have a look at the server.

    But it is not yet a final release!

    See you soon!

    Best regards