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    Hello all

    I am back as there isnt any other server suitable for me right now. For now will stick here just to enjoy L2 again.

    Shadow I tried the new account manager but it doesnt allow to create new accounts. You might check it out if its working, as if not, there won't be new players registrations



    Hi guys,

    Beast bars, there isn't extreame Freya here. The function doesn't work, but I think it was ment to be this way , becuse the normal Freya drpops what the extreme does in normal H5 server, so there is not point to have exreme.

    I'm still checking out if you're finaly open the new server. Apparantly not.

    Anyways, will continue to check, hope some they you do open low rate H5 server, so i can come back.



    Jeez, didnt notice they are by sets. Thanks!

    I list of few things i notice for now:

    - The spoil rate is really low. Im spoiling 1 mob from 7. Tha chance is good though. When you manage to spoil you get the item x7. Not sure you did it on purpouse or need fixing.

    - There is a NPC in Rune that is exchanging goods for medals. But the mobs are not droping any. Maybe you plan to add them later, dont know, just a notice

    - Some of the mobs you can not hit, also treasure chests. When you try to hit, message is showing that the distance is too great. And actually you are next to them.

    And some suggestions:

    - Maybe will be better if you increase the inventary slots. From 80 to 100 to all char's. For dwarfs from 100 to 150.

    - The buff Combat Aura of my SE is only 20 min. I guess other class buffs will be the same. Maybe you can make them 1h?

    That it for now. Will write again!



    Yep is working, but are missing gallters, gloves, boots and helmets. You can buy only breastplates and shealds.

    Could you add the rest please?

    And reduce the prices ot B/A/S/S80

    S84 is reduced i saw :)

    Thank you.

    Ok cool,

    Let me know, because without armor I can not try the quests ans instances at hight lvl

    And also you think to keep the rate at X50 or thats just for the test?



    First what I notice. The pop-up window for class change is not working. Neither for 1st, neither for 2nd class. Had to pass the quests.

    Will try to attach screenshot bellow:

    edit: GM shop is not working (only fortress button is working)

    edit: most of the treasure chest can not be open (geodata)


    I tried to enter and check on testserver, but the launcher is not working at all, doesnt update files and I cannot log.

    Any idea why? I played here more then a year and before never had problems.



    Hi all,

    My vision for the server:

    Chronicle: You chose already H5


    XP 7x

    CP 7x

    Party XP 1.5x

    Party CP 1.5 x

    Drop 10x

    Spoil 10x

    Raid Drop 7x

    Quest Drop 7x

    Quest Adena 7x

    Hellbound lvl11

    Safe Enchant +3

    Max Enchant +16

    Enchant scrolls 66%

    Blessed scrolls 75%

    Attr Stones 66%

    Attr Crystals 50%

    Class Master

    Basic equipment shop up till low S grade.

    NPC buffer - only basic buffs

    Buff duration - 1h

    Subclasses - 3

    Subclass quest - No

    Noble Quest -Yes

    Auto skill learning up to 81 level. After books are needed!

    No limits for accounts.

    Private shop sell slots:

    Dwarfs 8

    Others 4

    Champion system. Could be with two kinds - Medium and Hard.

    Leveling for soul crystals increased!

    All Quests and Instances working!

    Very important for me specially - Do not apply custom bosses, weapons, armors. Do not offer GM shop with everything inside.

    Maybe donation shop with cosmetics, attribute cry, blessed scrolls and exp potions.

    That's my perfect options!




    Here are some steps to follow, so you can defeat Freya without troubles:

    1Take all your buffers

    2 Jina will transfer you in the small hall. Buff your fighters. Take water resist buff and dance.

    3 Get out buffers from the instance

    4 Move your fighters in the great hall - up in front of the throne. Leave one fighter in front of the NPC at the end of the small coridor. When all are up speak with the NPC and choose ''open the door''. Run quickly up and join the others. Wait there. Freya will come.

    5 Stage one:Fight Freya up. Do not run down. When you kill her, you will have minute break. Leave all next to the throne. Only the Tank on the top of the stairs.

    6 Stage two: Some mobs will show-kill them. Glakies will appear at the middle of the hall. Lure him up, where the others with your tank. Use Aggression!

    7 Fight and kill Glakies next to the throne. After one minute break.

    8 Stage three: Freya will come again. She will run down the hall. Again leave all up and with the tank and aggression get her back up. Fight and kill her.

    9 Grazi!!! You will have Top S84 weapon and Elegia parts!

    The reason to keep the fight up is because many mobs spawning down. They will come up as well, but slowly and one by one.



    Hi again.

    The only way to keep your precious level and items are if the server stays like its now. Maybe they will try a few adjustments, but the base will be same. And if that will be the case, not much will change with the population. The 3 last players eventually will get tired and stop playing, So what good will your armor/weapon do when you become the last player online. If that's what you want cool.

    I'm just giving my opinion. Don't wanna argue, because like I said, I am not longer playing here. But I had good time with Endlless World and if Shadow and Kyrell make a new project, gladly will return and help.


    Hey choque,

    I am not quite sure what you are saying, but what fun you have now? Honestly? Look the votes......5 players voted.

    Shadow and Kyrell, as much as I understand want to increase server population, not to please the 5 last players left.

    Apparently the current version is not good enough to keep new players.

    What do you prefer? To play like till now with 3 ppl online? Or to have cool community of 70-120 players and then to have real fun?

    Server need restart. Fresh start. Fresh start means new platform and equal start for everybody!

    Start from 0 will be the only fair thing to do regarding all new people that will join.

    I dont mind wiping the server if this will bring new players. Anyway I hit the limits already, there is nothing left to do , when you can kill Valakas alone. Soon the players in the server will be 4 after 3,2 and at the end you will have to start in other server again from 0



    Ok guys

    Do whatever you decide and believe is better.

    Please post when decision is made what rates and chronicle will be.

    If you stay with H5 and need help with some tests, I could help, whenever I have time.



    I said that i am against chronicles after H5.

    They are too kidd-ish in my opinion. Even H5 its a bit to easy for me. But Endless World was really fun, Just at one point I started killing Antharas and Valakas alone and I lost motivation.

    Still depends from you guys, what kind of server would you like to have.

    I can share only my opinion, And my opinion is to have long live community - server has to be difficult, not that easy.

    Three options i can suggest:

    1. Freya x10

    From all chronicles i played Freya is the best for me. You have Moirai/Vasper/Vorpal and Elegia armors but is much more difficult to get them. To make your armor +120 attributes is taking hard work to make Atr.Crystals. To collect BEAS/BEWS needs also good work.And in the same time you can have fun with instances like Zaken/Freya. This will be my choice of chronicle if I had to choose. Also the rates should be not more then x10, So you can enjoying developing your character. Not to be 85 lvl in 3 days and wandering what to do on the stairs of Giran :)

    2. H5 x7

    If you choose to stay with H5, make it more retail. Endless World is too easy! You can get everything very fast. Those custom bosses that dropping Moirai and Vesper for me are not good idea.

    3. Some of after GoD chronicles

    Here I dont have nothing to say. Totally not L2 for me. But of course , if you think there is potential you can go for it.

    Kyrell, about the GeoData: Characters are going easy u nfer the Map, and on the narrow places, you get stuck and its difficult to move.

    If you chose one of the option 1 or 2 I will gladly help with what I can.

    I dont mind if you wipe out all and we start from 0

    But whatever you chose guys, you will need some marketing as well.



    Hello again.

    I have played GoD exactly for one week, and I wouldn't play it ever again, Its a totally different game. The classes are reduced, skills are reduced. The gameplay is like kids game where numbers and statistic are popping up from the players and mobs and you feel like you play Mario Bros. You are in end game quickly and there is nothing to do there except instances.Maybe the new generation will like it, bot not me :)

    I am not against H5, but even here some of the stuff you are getting too fast. Specially in Endless World. Come on i was able to spoil 50 BEAS for 2 hours from Knoriks.

    Gracia Epilouge or Freya are not L2 classics, they are developed chronicle, where you have many things to do, but you wont do them fro a week.

    Still depends on Shadow and Kyrell what they want. But in my opinion you have to offer the players:

    1. First and most important - Challenges to work hard and fight for. ( This is taken away in God )

    2. Second- good stable geodata.

    3. Constant GM presents - quick work with bugs and often new events.

    In Endless World for a few moths I had fully equipped my self with Elegia + 16 / + 13 and Hard Freya Weapons + 12 / + 13. I started killing Antharas and Valakas alone and I really lost motivation.

    You have a few choices. You can keep H5 but make it more balanced. Remove those custom bosses. Its not normal to get Moirai and Vesper so easy. Reduce the exp / drop / spoil. Let the players work and spend time on their gear / exp. I fully agree if you wipe everything. I can start from the scratch. Or make the server Freya / Epilouge where everything is even more difficult, which means more interesting. Or go for GoD if you believe is gonna work better for you.

    I will definitely come back for balanced H5/Freya/Epilouge server. Not problem for me to start from 0.

    Whatever you choose I wish you luck!

    Cheers Zoian



    Well I stopped playing here 10 days ago but I might come back. I think it will be a mistake if you go for those chronicles.

    In my opinion the best chronicle is Freya, the one before H5.

    There is plenty of forums, from were you can gather info. They are so many people out there looking for normal balanced server - Freya or Garcia Final/Epilogue. Old players hate everything after Freya. All servers now days are either Interlude or H5 and everybody are tired of them. Freya chronicle is the perfect mix between classic L2 plus some new additions you can spend quality time farming / crafting / raiding bosses and of course PvP.

    In the new chronicles everything is flashy and the spirit of the game is completely lost. You go to end game for a week. New players are falling quickly and leaving. Old players are not even bother to come.

    Instead of looking for new chronicles, better look back. If you actually do a Freya server (or Gracia Epilogue) for example x10 (not more) and do it almost retail, without many custom crap, you will be surprised how many people will come. Of course some adjustments will be needed - maybe 1 hour buff, multi boxes, offline shops, and some more maybe. Even you can add donation system for some stuff but do not overplay with it.

    If you are looking for a long living server, that's the way in my opinion.