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    I guess no one already have a lvl17 soul cry
    iff you see which boss you need to kill to make soul cry 17
    and it is no 100%

    You can lvl up the Soul Crystal Stage 16 --> 17
    In these Raid Boss :

    Tiat Attack stage(85)
    Scarlet van Halisha(85)
    Top Zaken(85)
    Freya Normal Mode(85)
    Freya Extreme Mode(85)

    you need full party's to kill it

    the server don't have as many players
    to make ant queen baium to lvl cry its a good idee to

    You can only delegate a clanleader when it's monday and the char who will be next clanleader is at that moment online.

    If that's not possible reply again

    yes i made a delegate clan leader whit the new clan leader online
    i try it 2 time before monday and after monday

    have done it againI get this message again
    your previous transfer reguest has been submitted

    after Monday it will need to bechanged
    but nothing happened?


    its now 2 weeks a go i made a delegate clan leader

    but there is still nothing happened yet ?

    can you make it change clan leader

    that you don't have to wait for it