General Rules
§1 All Players and Gamemasters (Hereinafter only ''GM'') Are playing after these rules. No Matter his Gender, his decent , his language, his home country and/or his origin, his faith or his political views.
§2 Every Player has the right of free development of his personality, as long as he does not restrict the rights of other players or violate one of the following rules. Insults, defamation, jokes about ethnic minorities and/or physically/mentally handicapped are not permitted on our server.
§3 Every player is Obiligated to inform himself of rule Changes. "Ignorance does not protect one from punishment!"
§4 Any form of sabotage, fraud, hacking or other attacks on the homepage, "Teamspeak 3", "Game Accounts" or the "Game Server" will be prosecuted! External advertising is also not permitted.
§5 Botting or using "3rd party software" (everything that does NOT belong to the game client) is prohibited and will be sanctioned if caught!
§6 If you have any questions or problems, the GM will help you within the range of their possibilities and powers. In principle, the petition system should be used for this. At the same time, the GMs are the law officers of the server and are therefore authorized to give instructions. Therefore, their decisions are final and binding. In the event of an objection to a decision, a meaningful PM must be sent to the server manager.

Rules for Behavior
§7 No player has the right to pretend to be someone else, neither other player nor administrator nor "GM"!
§8 Insults, abuse, racist and/or perverse and/or morally reprehensible names, player names, guild names, clan names, titles or statements will not be tolerated, whether in "Teamspeak 3", the forum or on the game server!
§9 The "Shout Chat" on the game server is to be used appropriately and not for spam, rumors, bullying, flames, begging or arguments.
§10 Gaining an advantage through a "bug" (unintentional error in the game mechanics) or a cheat tool is prohibited. We ask "bugs" to report immediately in the forum.

Game Rules
§11 "Kill-Stealing" (killing a "raid bosses" or "raid bosses" group that is in a fight with a player or group of players in order not to give the others XP, SP or loot items grant) is prohibited. Except valid clan war.
§12 PvP (player against player) and PK (killing players from behind) are generally allowed.
§13 Flying on the Wyvern is not allowed in Cities.
§14 If one or more rules are violated, administrators and GMs reserve the right to distribute penalties.
§15 Each player is responsible for his own account data. Lost items or characters will not be replaced.
§16 Private shops, on online or offline, near NPC's, stairs, doors etc. are not allowed.
§17 Trading accounts and/or in-game items for real currency is not permitted.

§18 Penalties. Possible penalties are
§18.1 Exclusion from the chat
§18.2 Jailing the player character (game internal prison), both temporary and permanent.
§18.3 Renaming the player character.
§18.4 Suspension of Player Character.
§18.5 Deletion of Player Character
§18.6 Deletion of Player Account.
§18.7 Suspension of the Forum Account.
§18.8 Deleting the Forum Account.
§18.9 Banning the player from Teamspeak 3, both temporarily and permanently.

Olympiad / Hero
§19 Only one hero is allowed per account. Should we spot someone who owns more, the too many hero chars for the hero period will be jailed.
§19.1 Pushing in the Olympiad is forbidden
§19.2 Penalties are
§19.2.1 Deletion of "fights" over 6 wins.
§19.2.2 Deletion of all "Fights". (Always at the end of the period
§19.2.3 Any Other Applicable Penalties.

RaidBoss / GrandBoss
§20 GrandBosses are generally only to be Raided in a party of more than 3 Real Players (no multiaccounts).
§21 Raid bosses must be Raided with at least 3 Real player.
§22 Dragging Raid bosses away from their Spawn point is not Allowed.
§23 Should individual provisions of this set of rules be ineffective or unenforceable or become unenforceable, the effectiveness of the rest of the rules shall remain unaffected. The ineffective or unenforceable regulation shall be replaced by an effective and enforceable regulation whose effects come closest to the objective pursued by the administrators with the ineffective or unenforceable provision. The above provisions apply accordingly in the event that the set of rules proves to be incomplete.