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    Ich habe gestern eine neue Geodata auf dem Server gespielt.

    es sollte nun nicht mehr so vorkommen.



    Questliste 2 - Class Change Quest
    ## nicht getestet
    ## Funktioniert
    ## Quest fehlerhaft
    ## Quest nicht funktional

    ## Quest Bearbeitet erneut Testen

    Bitte den quest Namen Farblich makieren - euer Name + beschreibung was nicht funktioniert !


    Path of the Warrior
    Path of the Human Knight
    Path of the Rogue
    Path of the Human Wizard
    Path of the Cleric
    Path of the Elven Knight
    Path of the Elven Scout
    Path of the Elven Wizard
    Path of the Elven Oracle
    Path of the Palus Knight
    Path of the Assassin
    Path of the Dark Wizard
    Path of the Shillien Oracle
    Path of the Orc Raider - Kyrell
    Path of the Orc Monk
    Path of the Orc Shaman
    Path of the Scavenger
    Path of the Artisan
    Test of the Duelist
    Test of the Champion
    Test of Sagittarius
    Test of the Searcher
    Test of the Healer
    Test of the Reformer
    Test of Magus
    Test of Witchcraft
    Test of the Summoner
    Test of the Maestro
    Test of the Lord
    Test of the War Spirit
    Saga of the Doombringer
    Saga of the Soul Hound
    Saga of the Trickster
    Saga of the Phoenix Knight
    Saga of Eva's Templar
    Saga of the Sword Muse
    Saga of the Duelist - L2Freaky
    Saga of the Dreadnought
    Saga of the Titan
    Saga of the Grand Khavatari
    Saga of the Dominator
    Saga of the Doomcryer
    Saga of the Adventurer
    Saga of the Wind Rider
    Saga of the Ghost Hunter
    Saga of the Sagittarius
    Saga of the Moonlight Sentinel
    Saga of the Ghost Sentinel
    Saga of the Cardinal
    Saga of the Hierophant
    Saga of Eva's Saint
    Saga of the Archmage
    Saga of the Mystic Muse - L2Freaky
    Saga of the Storm Screamer
    Saga of the Arcana Lord
    Saga of the Elemental Master
    Saga of the Spectral Master
    Saga of the Soultaker
    Saga of the Hell Knight
    Saga of the Spectral Dancer
    Saga of the Shillien Templar
    Saga of the Shillien Saint
    Saga of the Fortune Seeker
    Saga of the Maestro

    Questliste 1 - Low Level Quests

    ## nicht getestet

    ## Funktioniert

    ## Quest fehlerhaft

    ## Quest nicht funktional

    ## Quest Bearbeitet erneut Testen

    Biitte den quest Namen Farblich makieren - euer Name + beschreibung was nicht funktioniert !


    Quest for Fishing Shot

    Deliver Goods

    Letters of Love

    Long live the Pa'agrio Lord!

    Mass of Darkness

    Miner's Favor

    Sacrifice to the Sea

    Supply Check

    What Women Want

    A Trip Begins

    An Adventure Begins

    Bring Wolf Pelts

    Deliver Supplies

    Find Sir Windawood

    Fruit of the Mother Tree

    Into the City of Humans

    Into the Dark Elven Forest

    Into the World

    Keen Claws

    Nerupa's Request

    New Horizons

    Once More In the Arms of the Mother Tree

    Pleas of Pixies

    Shilen's Hunt

    Step into the Future

    The Food Chain

    The Road Home

    To Talking Island

    To the Immortal Plateau

    Proof of Valor

    Revenge of the Redbonnet

    Wrath of Verdure

    Brigands Sweep

    Recover Smuggled Goods

    Wrath of Ancestors

    Bonds of Slavery

    Head for the Hills!

    Invaders of the Holy Land - Kyrell

    Orc Hunting

    The Guard is Busy

    The Hidden Veins

    Collect Spores

    Orc Subjugation

    Trade with the Ivory Tower

    Skirmish with the Werewolves

    Sword of Solidarity

    Bones Tell the Future

    Collect Arrowheads

    Covert Business

    Forgotten Truth

    Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss

    Merciless Punishment

    Shards of Gole

    Skirmish with the Orcs

    Spirit of Craftsman

    Spirit of Mirrors

    The Way of the Warrior

    Dark Winged Spies

    Dreaming of the Skies

    Legacy of the Poet

    Muertos Feather

    Scent of Death

    Curse of the Underground Fortress

    Go Get the Calculator

    Protect the Water Source

    Sea of Spores Fever

    Bard's Mandolin

    Collector's Dream

    Cure for Fever

    Dwarven Kinship

    Gatekeeper's Favor

    Gatekeeper's Offering -Kyrell

    Get a Pet

    Grim Collector

    Jovial Accordion

    Millennium Love

    Offspring of Nightmares

    Request from the Farm Owner

    Sorrowful Sound of Flute

    Tarantula's Spider Silk

    The Few, The Proud, The Brave

    Totem of the Hestui

    Traces of Evil

    Will the Seal be Broken?

    Crystals of Fire and Ice

    Fabulous Feathers

    Iconic Trinity

    Into the Large Cavern

    New Recruits

    Subjugation of Lizardmen

    Catch the Wind

    Destroy Plague Carriers

    Invention Ambition

    Mutated Kaneus - Gludio

    Path of the Trooper

    Path of the Warder

    Sweetest Venom

    Dragon Fangs

    The Leader and the Follower

    To Lead and Be Led

    Fantasy Wine

    Grand Feast

    Grave Robber Annihilation

    Hunting for Wild Beasts

    In Search of Fragments of Dimension

    Into the Dimensional Rift

    Ominous News

    Red-Eyed Invaders

    Walk of Fate
    Yoke of the Past

    Blood Fiend

    Dangerous Seduction

    Making the Harvest Grounds Safe

    Seed of Evil

    Sense for Business

    Vanquish Remnants

    Adept of Taste

    Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients! -Kyrell

    Help the Son!

    Collector of Jewels

    Help the Uncle!

    Hunt of the Black Lion

    Lizardmen's Conspiracy

    Recover the Farmland

    Help the Sister!

    I'd Rather Be Collecting Fairy Breath

    Runaway Youth

    Acts of Evil

    Chest Caught with a Bait of Wind

    Lanosco's Special Bait

    An Elder Sows Seeds

    Mutated Kaneus - Dion

    Ein lowrate wäre schon cool. jetzt nichts wo man ungeheuer viel zeit investieren müsste, aber einer wo man den content, der vorhanden ist schon nutzen könnte. der zeitanspruch fällt dann weiter hinten in den für die jeweilige chronicle aktuellen kontent. :)

    Hallo Finn,

    ich arbeite grad an einem Serverpacket (Testserver) der online ist und ihr gerne testen dürft, vorschläge kritik usw erwünscht..
    Auch hier im Forum unter Testserver Section :thumbup:

    Raten liegen momentan auf 5.