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    Hi, I tried to create two game accounts, I fill out the form but never received the activation button or link to the mail. I tried to use the created accounts but the message said that the account needs to be activated. I was waiting for a few days and havn't email. What can I do ? Ty.-

    Hi, when I saw the price... wasn't 1kk, and I think many people choose to make the quests even if adena reward is 1x like here. I mean it's usual in 5x servers. But np at least for me, I can be stop being lazy and make the three quests next time. Regards :)

    Hi. I did two class quests for my second class, spellhowler, Trial of Scholar and Testimony of Fate, and when I reached lvl 40 I decided to do the quest Good Work`s Reward, All worked fine, except because at the end The Blackmarketeer of Mammon , he gave me the 3rd mark ( test of magus) but didn't give back the adena for my two marks ( 1kk for each one), he only returned 1kk. Thank you.-