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    Falls es die Stelle ist wo die Mops alle im Kreis laufen, dann kann ich dir sagen das es auf allen H5 Servern so ist. Das einzige das da hilft ist das man die Mops nicht mehr im kreis laufen lässt. Oder man macht dich die Arbeit, die Wegstrecke neu in das System einzugeben.

    Die wurde damals etwas schlampig programmiert.

    Daher sieht man die mops nicht weil sie gern in den Wänden stecken.

    Auch die Knoriks müsste man neue Wegstrecken programmieren.

    Dann sollte es gehen.

    Stage 4 (Inner Oasis)

    Next you need to move on Inner Oasis where there are 2 NPC: Mantras and Shadai

    SHADAI : Shadai is on only from 00:00-06:00 am. From him you can buy Dynastic Essence I (432 ATOD) and Forgotten Scrolls for level 81 skills  (Expose Weak Point, Sixth Sense, Servitor Barrier, Seven Arrow, Silent Mind, Meteor, Star Fall) (259 ATOD + 12.000.000 adena) . More over he is the only 1 that he can use Dynastic Essence to improve dynasty armor.

    !!!! There is no need to have make HB quest to be able to trade with him.

    MATRAS : This is the NPC that you need to keep on with HB QUEST. Matras has 2 quest available :1.Curiosity Of Matras and

    2. Matras' Suspicious Request

    1.All party members must take Curiosity Of Matras

    When they accept it they will reward each one of them with 6 rough ore (one of each element),they are exact the same as attibute stone but you can't trade them.

    And to complete that quest you need Ranku's Blueprint and Demon Prince's Blueprint

    2.About Matras' Suspicious Request i suggest you to take it only 1 member from party

    For that quest you must kill any monsters in the first and second floor of the Base Tower of the Steel Citadel and collect 744  Red Stones from them and Matras will reward you with Dynastic Essence II.