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    Do not see for sell combo buffs on my WC and I am shure that is possible to be on shop because was like this on Jarvis buffers.

    What i do wrong??? When i start window to chose buffs for sell just combo is not there to be market.

    Pls give advise how to manage this.


    when i use skill fake death some time mobs continue hit me and i die. The problem is that i stand up death and the option "go to village" do not come. So i stay up death and no any cation to be performed. Need to restart the game.


    The issue come also for buffers. For example yesterday buffer shop in giran dissapear. So i start to level my own buffers. The problem is that buffers from 1.0 have all set of buffs / for me it is not only to level up all - if I start now to create full set of buffers and collecting books to get all combo and 3rd proff buffs possible - it is realy pain .....

    Any way will stop with this - it is up to you.


    it shows that mana potion liquid weight is 0, but it has weight.

    If u have few k liquid - will be constantly overweight even with empty bag


    subclass problem solved, ellite mob we have, only remain to get forgotten scrolls. Lets do it. Some of skills are very important end game - i have dagger class - do not have skill for dual dagger. It is annoying. Pls do this update.



    when kamael is casing soe and in this time receive soul - soe cancelled. Happen very often after ride on congratulation - kamael get soul and if in this time cast soe is cancelled.

    Later test with dagger - also get soe cancel afrt ride is not due to soul of kamael

    pp. what happen with forgotten scrolls auto learn?

    Thks for fast feedback.

    On test 2,0 forgotten scrolls was not on auto learn. Some of them I was able to get but spend ALOT of time on grind. If server is x15 with full buff 2h - do not think that the main purpose is grinding days for 1 drop.

    In general will be very happy if u return this on auto learn! And Shure not only me. THKS.

    1. About skills - lets put forgoten scrolls on special shop - for endless coins - lets be expensive, but will be obtainable.

    Many of forgoten skrolls need epic RB farm. Presently impossible. Also all chars from 1.0 have that skills on auto learn from previous settings. Think new players also need chanse to get full set of skills.

    2. SA on shop is to 16. Actualy exatly to 16 is possible without epic bosses and have in mind small community - any new player will get help with SA to 16.

    Again - on special shop need to have SA 17,18. Lets be expensive, but on the end reachable. Or other idea - castom RB without drop but leveling SA on 17,18.

    3. I play before on test 2.0 - there was Ellite champs - red colored. Will be good to have them back. This kind was not agro even in social grup, so player can chose to attack or escape.

    4. Large dragon bones chanse is very small - it is not mutching rest of settings. It is possible to be like this becouse 2.0 was with GM shop ( was blocket but include all armors/wep/epics even direct enchant - most like pvp server settings ) Can spend weeks to collect bones for 7rb.

    5. About subclass free - on test 2.0 was possible to get free sub only by GM NPC menu. If u go directly to G.Magister will ask for Q. Now GM NPC missing - think this is the problem with free sub.

    Possible this changes to be only untill playesrs able to do epic RB - temporary, but in present situation better to have some alternatives.

    Any way is up to server owner. This is how I fill from players side.


    From server info understudy that subclass is without Q.

    I have arbalester 85lvl and when try to take a sub NPC tell me that need to do Quest for that.

    Am I wrong about free sub or something is wrong for kamaels?

    Seal validation period began, there is bless buff and mammon announcement, but when you go to priest of dawn there is no option to do something.

    It says that seal validation period will began soon and that is.

    You cant go to cata.

    I try to use Cancellation skill to see how many buffs will erase. It happen that cant use it at all. Even when 2 person are flagged cant use that skill. It is written - "that is an incorrect target".

    It is strange because can use that skill on NPC in town.

    Can you check pls.

    Hi BOSS,

    Is it possible to release HELLBOUND on test server.

    Presently we play only 2 on test. It is not very easy.

    Some help will be good.



    RB Water Spirit Lian suppose to lvl SA form 15 to 16 as per data base. In game is coming message that SA is refusing to absorb soul ( mean SA is high lvl for RB ) ( in other way is written thar SA was not able to absorb )

    Pls check / There are not many RB to do 16lvl



    Ipos also make full cancel. No matter buff for resist. Look like that cancel skill on RB it is set for like this.

    PP. I kill Golkonda but need to make EE for mana burn.

    Fate Wesper Q - Kasper ask 30 blood fabric, but take all from me - 60, from other all 48 fabric. Any way take all

    Sub Quest all working ( all Q involved ).

    Noblise Q working.


    On the new server - Golkonda is making full cancel on all party every time I try to do it - do not think this is normal.

    Cant do subclass Quest - impossible to kill that RB with party full cancel.

    PLS help. THKS

    forget - item broker is not working - accept bit but you do not get item

    giran port to death pass - not working