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    I'm glad there is a google translate (sorry, but I don't speak German). Yes, I've noticed that there are 2 servers, one is dead and with no commands, and one is in open alpha tests (?) or something like that, there I can block my exp. I guess I've answered myself then.

    Hi, how i understand, this function here not working =(

    Create summoner and use sumon take 90% exp for farm mobs or create dd+4-5 support for him.

    Sory my english (

    Hello all!

    A am new player here, i have 2 question.

    First question someone tell me about box limit on this server, an how many ppl played?

    And second question, i hope you not planned wipe or close this server?

    Block exp function not worked realy?

    Where i can manage my chars account? Function .menu not vorking?