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    Small addition:
    You can check if the Drop-Rate is changed by clicking Shift+LMB on a Monster and looking into the Drop list.
    The shown Drop Chances are the final calculated rates including the drop rate modifier

    (Lets hope your Datapack has this Function. Makes life easier)


    If you can tell me where I have put a wrong value in the rates, I would be grateful if you could let me know.

    I looked through it and found the values pretty quick, even if i have no clue what kind of package you're using.
    The Format looks weird af. Idk if it's caused by the compressing of it, or if it's normal, but "Ýòî çíà÷èò, ÷òî ñ 1 ïî 5 óðîâåíü ðåéò SP áóäåò 2, à ñ 6 è âûøå ðåéò áóäåò 3." doesn't look healthy.

    Anyways - You made RateDropItems = 10.0.
    Like i said i don't know the package you're using, would be a good info to know.
    But this should work the same way, as other packages do.
    RateDropItems should describe the Amount of items dropped.

    What you want should be:
    RateChanceDropItems = 1.0
    Change this to the wished Droprate.
    Same for Spoil Rates RateChanceSpoil = 1.0
    By doing this, the retail DROP RATES get Multiplied by this rate, leaving the DROP AMOUNT unaffected.

    Therefore, I take the right to make changes that do not meet your wishes.

    Bro. We're not Forcing you to anything.
    At the end of the day, we don't give a shit.
    We're just trying to help you.
    If you really want to do it like this, it's absolutely up to you. But don't turn it as if we'd force you to anything.

    Well i'm interested in Low/Mid-rate myself.
    Customizing the playwise is nothing bad in my opinion. But it has it's limits.
    Here is an example of what i mean:

    Let's say you have a NEARLY RETAIL economy. So Adena has it's worth etc.
    Adding a GM Shop is just the wrong way to make buy-able equipment.

    Sales of the Cities are an important Part of the game.
    That is one of the main things, what gives a worth to the Castles and especially to Rune and Aden.
    Nowadays everyone just rushes giran because maincity. Who gives a sh**.
    But on a low/mid you could add those B/A/S armors to the normal shops because then they will get taxed by the cities aswell, and if your Economy is somewhat retail, you will cry if a city has a 15% tax rate and the 70m S grade weapon is now 15% more expencive.
    So Castles and Taxes get somewhat important again and people can buy their stuff to a specific grade.

    Don't just screw over the complete vanilla if you're trying to make a low/mid rate.
    If you want another playstyle for low/mid, use another chronicle because that's simply what u're trying to achieve right now.

    So you have to ask your self what kind of server you want to offer and work towards your goals:

    So the server doesn't need mana pot's, no. The server needs a DECISION what kind of server will be and which group of players will target. I will support the SECOND option of course, as many times I said already in my previous posts. But the decision will be yours.

    I mentioned that aswell in this post but there were no discussion atall.
    The Server, as it's going to be developed right now, won't work.
    But instead of starting a open conversation with the few people that are somewhat interested in the server, they just ignore it and continue their own stuff.

    I share the opinion that Bosses should not be adjusted.
    On Highrates okay - But this is not a Highrate server. It's Mid/Low rate.
    Overhauls on Low/Mid rates are okay, but not for Bosses imho.

    Locking Worldbosses to 85 could bring up a trend where only the top gears are able to hunt this while everyone under S84 cries in a corner and this is simply not the way this Chronicle is supposed to work.
    If you want Goddess of Destruction playwise, make a GoD Server then

    Shadow and Kyrell (idk how much kyrell is involved in all that tbf) are working more on an Image instead of the Server Structure.
    Don't waste time posting Changelogs for 2 Things, Manapotions. Or for Bosses. Or Whatever.
    Nobody is gonna test it anyways except Zoian maybe.
    Talk to him directly.
    No need to format a professional text here lul. Nobody is caring about it anyways - You have no players. For a reason.
    Sorry to say, but it's fact.

    At some points i don't know if the Staff is just doing this to learn how to develope or to actually make a server.

    Fixing the Drop amounts is literally 1 number to change in the .ini
    If you guys need help developing, reach out to the people instead of doing.... Whatever you're doing

    Get a Structure for the Gameflow.
    What Rates will u use?
    - Are you a High, Mid or Lowrate? Decide, but don't mix it up too much.
    - Up to what Grade will people be able to buy their equipment off the shop?
    - How much value should Adena have? Is it a throw-away currency like on highrates, or will 100millions be a lot of money?
    - Will people need a 2nd account for buffer, or is there an NPC buffer? (i hate npc buffers with all buffs :l)

    What's the Path of a Fresh player?
    - How does he get Stuff?
    - Should he get a LITTLE buff assistance? If yes, how?
    - What's the path for him if he Solo's the content? (Meaning how he's going to get to S84)
    - What's the path for him if he Group's the content? (Meaning how he's going to get to S84)

    What do Lategame players do?
    - Is PvP important for them or very Rewarding? If yes, what do they get as reward and how do they get it? *Pls no events
    - How big of a deal is raiding for them? And if raiding is a big deal, how long do they have to wait for the next one?
    - Do they get any rewards/bonuses for helping and socializing with newbies? If yes, what do they get and how much does it affect their gameflow?

    What do Clans do?
    - Is there any activity that is rewarding as a clan? For example Clan-Wars and rewards for it?

    I'll try to express what i'm talking about in english for the few people that sometimes come across the Forum.
    This Text maybe sounds like an attack, but it isn't.
    Idc what was tbh. i just want to make some stuff clear.
    So read to the end before u gogo.

    So first of all to describe who i am, to those who forgot me or don't even know me;
    Oyo, i am a EW player from long ago.
    Our guilds NakedHeroes/Rape were the dominating faction on this Server.
    It was a fun place to be and somehow we managed to gather a small mass together with a lot of socializing.
    So all of us were somewhat working together in getting and keeping people.

    It's so long, that even the record numbers with 49ppl online at the same time, are prolly from that time aswell.
    idk, i don't even remember how the server was back then - Also in terms of getting items etc.

    So why did i leave back then?
    Basically; This Server had an incompetent developer who invented a Boss-Instance system, which didn't work properly.
    It basically did everything it was supposed todo, but there were no Cooldowns.
    So me and the guild thought "Uhhh fuck, cool" and raided the shit out of Freya.
    Since there was no big introduction to how the System was supposed to exactly work, we didn't know shit about any cooldowns.
    So we took it as it was served and raided. :poggers:

    Then out of the nowhere, guildies got banned while raiding.
    All of us were like "wtf?" - Some of them Permanent (IF i remember correct, Don't mark my words here!) and some Temporary.

    This basically was our moment to say "Ok Fuck this shit."
    TL;DR Dev fucked up things, We were not briefed about stuff in depth, and we got banned for it.
    After we got banned the server died pretty quick since we were somewhat the majority of the server and even when not all of us were perma banned, it was hillarious that people got banned for that atall.

    - So this is the Story of EW 1.0.

    So a few days i came back just to check out how it is going, and i am.... shocked?

    I have a few things in mind that you should find answers to asap.

    Lineage 2 is not a "dying" game, it has it's core players that keep up to that game very hard, and that's cool.
    But L2 is by far no hyper-game anymore. It's glance time is over for years already. So the L2 p-Server jungle is just getting harder and harder.

    So here to my questions:

    + No Wipe?
    When i came back, i saw all my stuff still laying around on my characters.
    That is in theory ofc nothing bad but if i remember correct, the gameplay mechanics of this Server have changed. Atleast i can't remember how i had to raid/craft equipment on B/A/S/S80+ grades, and i still own my vesper stuff for example.

    So while players today have to grind for it hardcore, i got it gifted into my anus if i remember correct.
    I hope i don't mix stuff up here, but i really couldn't remember farming or crating any of those.

    Keeping that in mind: Don't you think it would be a good and fair idea to wipe the server long time ago?

    + No AFK Farm?
    Yes yes i know. Mimimi dis no Mobile game mimimimi.
    I'm no friend of AFK-Farming aswell, but in fact it can make a big difference in how populated the server looks.
    If you see a server with 3k people on it, you don't really think there are 3k people playing rn, don't you?
    There might be 200-300 AFK shops, and tons of AFK-Farms. So let there be maybe 300/400/500 players actively playing.
    But a Server feels WAY MORE alive then.

    Imagine joining a Server and you see 3 People online. You're instantly like "Nope fuck this"
    But if there are 20 People online where maybe 5 are active players - Who fucking cares?
    The Impression for new users is completely different and you have a lot more chances to make them take a look on the server atleast

    And Multiboxing without AFK Farming is basically 90% nonsense. So no need to push the numbers, if there is no afk farming.

    + Changing the Chronicle?
    So yeah... That's a matter of taste tbh.
    High Five is a very cool chronicle as i personally think.
    The only Tank you need is DE-Tank, the only Raid party your need is Titan Squad, and maybe a little healer between.
    That's basically the Chronicle in full TL;DR.
    Almost every server had his glorious High5 time and it's an oversaturated thing.

    Everybody has h5. There is no need for new good h5 servers because people don't care as much as they did back then (in my opinion)

    So maybe it would be an idea to take a look on other chronicles (like L2Classic for example)
    L2Classic has a lot of new things, but it seems like a fresh-kind of L2.

    + What am i supposed todo here?
    When i joined the Server and all of the goodies like a good GM-Shop for example are missing, i ask myself "Wtf am i doing here?"
    Right now it feels like retail h5 lineage with the addition of an NPC buffer.
    Okay fine - But retail only makes sense with players playing it.
    I am not talking about 2 or 3 player.
    I am talking about maybe 30, 40.
    Why so much?
    Retail L2 consists of Grinding, Crafting, Raiding and a lot of PvP.
    Let's say the Server is starting with 5 People.
    That's the absolute fucking minimum for retail play and even then only of they work together.
    With 5 People you'd have somewhat of a minimum for a good raid party in higher levels with shit-equipment. (And even then prolly only with multibox)
    And who of those 5 people want's to craft everything? Who wants to Spoil everything? And where is my pvp? :(
    There are too much jobs to fulfill for a almost non-existent playerbase - And unless those people are tryhard af, they will not give a shit and just look for the next server.
    And let's say there are 5 people that are tryhard like that - Now you have a new Server Member joining the Server, checking it out and realize that the World is absolutely empty.
    Some might ignore that fact - But when it comes to the point of "Fuck, how do i get my gear done now?" it's getting critical and 99% of player won't hesitate leaving instantly when they realize that.
    So those 5 Tryhards can work on everything, but what is the newcomer doing that can't see the Sense of his existence on the Server now and isn't much socializing because he's maybe not the guy that's going like "Heya Folks, Gib gear!"?

    When i saw the Server in that state it was one thing where i was like "uh okay? i don't care about player count tbh."
    But when i joined the Server i was stunned how..... Crapped the Gameflow was. There simply is no game flow.
    Not on 1.0, nor on 2.0.

    + Copy Copy Copy
    So right now the Server just feels like a 0815 basic L2jserver package without anything done to it.
    Maybe a message modified here, the client modified there - But nothing what makes me personally think "Fuck, that system is cool - i wanna play here"
    Give me 10 Minutes and i have 1:1 the same Server on my PC as it is right now on EW.
    That's not even an attack, but it just feels like absolutely nobody cares about anything.
    The only not retail thing is the Community Board with a Crappy GMShop etc.
    But that board is also just a cheap copy. Saw it on other servers aswell.

    + Staff with 0 transparency and no plans atall.
    So here is the thing. Shadow - i know you for a while already. I'd say for years already? Idk.
    We never had that much contact after NakedHeroes/Rape left the server because of the ban. But when we were here, we were pretty good with each other.
    U're a nice guy and i know that u've in mind to make the perfect L2Server, and i'm happy 'bout that. No doubts.
    But in my opinion you're working too much on the image of the server instead of the gameplay.

    I can just speak for myself and some of the NakedHeroes/Rape's back then but:
    We did not care how crappy the website looks.
    We even gave less shits to a forum.
    We as players did not need a fancy website, a fancy forum or a fancy modded client to have fun.
    It was the gameplay and the socializing that kept us here.
    You had some people onboard that managed to socialize with new players.
    Socializing new players made them stay, like me for example.
    Just throwing a server out and saying "here u go" wont make a server atall.

    Don't Focus on your Website too much. Don't Focus on modding a client. Don't focus on making a fancy updater.
    Focus on making a plan for the Gameflow.
    How is the server going to work? What are the players supposed todo? How can Solo and Guilds have fun and have new stuff todo?
    We all raided hundrets and thousands of times, give us a new thrill to it.

    You have a few players that get onto the server once in a while, and some that stay if i saw correct.

    They're here in good hope. Use it.

    If you need it, make a recruitment/socializing perk of team members that work as undercover-moderators ingame or whatever.
    You have possibilities. Don't let it slack that easy.

    I have tons of stuff that i could critizise even more, but i think that would be it. Otherwise i'd have to conquer the forum.

    Shared thoughts are great and whatever you do: In my opinion you have to scrap the complete project you have at the moment, and make your mind about a good concept from scratch. Don't recycle the same high5 every time. GM shops aren't everything.

    Genauso ist dort allerdings auch keine Zukunft geplant wie ich den Plänen entnehme.

    Ich vergesse mal für einen Moment dass ich noch meine alten Chars da habe; Was macht es für einen Sinn auf einem Server zu spielen, der einfach als "veraltet" im Raum stehen wird?

    Zudem dass noch kein Plan steht ob diese einen Transfer auf 2.0 bekommen oder nicht.
    Das beduetet im Endeffekt dass den Spielern grade die Wahl bleibt entweder sich auf einen veralteten Stand, welcher keine großartige unterstützung mehr erhalten wird, zu fokussieren - Oder auf das neue Steppenpferd zu gehen und gewiped zu werden.

    Daher würde ich persönlich das nicht als wirklich lohnenswert erachten

    Also lohnt es sich effektiv nicht zu zocken.
    Weder auf 1.0 noch auf 2.0. Lul.

    Gut, dann hau ich mal wieder rein o7

    Moin, hab auf anhieb nichts gefunden dazu.

    Wird der 2.0 Server gewiped in Zukunft?