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    Hello Zoian,

    great to see that you also wrote some points in your reply.

    I checked the post you mentioned above and it is a good starting point, although some rates still seem kinda high:

    -) Raid drop x7

    --- Waaaaaay too high, remember that later raid bosses drop very valuable items.

    -) Same for Quest drop and Adena.

    --- Don't forget that the reward is not always Adena, but sometimes items.

    --- Keeping them on x1 will render a lot of quests useless, unless you manually think about every quest on how to make it more attractive to consider it getting interesting for the players, which is probably very difficult, not to mention the time and effort to review many many quests manually.

    --- Don't forget, that since this is (probably) a L2J project, basically everything is possible.

    --- Rates even don't have to be locked to a certain value over the whole game for ever, we have L2J here, so (almost) everything is possible.

    -) Also I am not really a fan of class masters, but I think there are ways to let players choose.

    --- Either go the fast way and change class using the class master, or go the slow way doing the quests and get something for that.

    --- Nothing super-fancy or huge advantage in comparison to the class master way of course.

    --- Or reverse that approach and make the class masters non-free, so a quick class transfer costs some Adena or other items.

    -) I am strongly against any form of item store (so called gm shop).

    -) Also automatic skill learning is something I am personally not a fan of.

    -) Same goes for skill learning without books.

    --- Books should be required, for learning a skill.

    --- In my opinion it's always a shame to not use some items the game provides, in a way or another.


    Hello Shadow,

    thank you for your reply.

    Yes, working on a concept takes some time, but you have to start somewhere. :)

    Regarding the problems with PHP, again as a developer I can offer my help to solve those problems.

    In the past I worked with the L2J source as well as writing an L2OFF extender, so I could also help in this area.



    Hello Shadow and Thank You for your invitation.

    I will post my thoughts about the current situation and what you maybe should think about:

    -) Basically I started a character and reached level 20 insanely fast.

    --- Maybe you should lower the rates a bit or think about a different system to make slow progress not endless progress.

    -) Since the level progress is that fast, the question is if this should be more like a PvP oriented server or more towards grinding gear and enjoying the time to get there.

    --- I personally enjoy the lower levels far more than the higher levels, but that's just my opinion.

    -) As I read somewhere in the forums I strongly suggest to NOT launch anything above H5 (Goddess of Destruction or later).

    --- The game was changed a lot by NCSoft in those chronicles and I don't think might attract a lot of players, since playing that "different" Lineage2 on the official servers is free.

    -) Additionally running anything called "Classic" (just like NCSoft does) has nothing to do with the classic Lineage2 experience we all had between 2004 and the launch of Goddess of Destruction.

    -) The server statistics are seems more or less broken.

    --- I assume many players are very interested to see who is online, and if they see "nothing" it might keep them from starting here even more if it just an error in one of the scripts.

    --- Maybe it's me but I couldn't get any of the other functions to show anything in that tool either.

    There might be some more points to think about, but I think those five should be fine for now. :)




    I recently found this server as one of the few remaining German projects.

    Sadly I saw that there isn't a lot of activity left here.

    Could you maybe explain how you want to proceed with the server, because basically it seems "very empty" currently?

    As a developer, I would like to help this project.