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    You enter trough the NPC in front of Seed of Destruction. But before entering you need to complete the quest ''To the seed of Destruction'' and to have air transformation skill.

    The quest ''To the seed of Destruction'' can not be compete because the NPC doesn't response when you bring him the quest letter, hence you can not enter.


    The name of the quest is ''To the seed of Destruction''. There is a NPC in front of the Seed door. Yo have to bring him a letter. However when try to speak trough the ''quest'' option with him, he doesnt response.

    In Seed of Infinity this quest is working, but after when you try to speak with the ''Mouth of Ekimus'' nothing happens. And from those mouths actually you have to enter in the instance to meet the twin brother bosses




    I am listing some suggestions, that could make the EW much more pleasant to play in:

    1. Glittering Medals - Please add more items that could be exchanged for those medals, as for now there aren't many items of worth in the event NPC. Its much better to put the RISE CAKES back in the drop as they are more useful.

    2. Vote rewards - If you can create a vote rewards, that will increase the server population.

    3. Add Freya, Zaken, Frintezza cloaks to the bosses drop. The quest for them is not working, so at least to have a drop chance to obtain them.

    4. Low down the Frintezza and Tiat entering requirement. Make it like Freya> 10 char's.

    5.Instances to be checked and tested:

    - Seed of Infinity in Gracia > You can not enter and fight the twins raids.

    - Seed of Destruction in Gracia > The NPC in front of Seed of Destruction needs to be fixed, as you can not finish the quest.

    - Frintezza > nobody knows the requirements to enter in.

    - Zaken instance is not working. No day time, no night time, The NPC is just off. You can still kill Zaken, if you wait after midnight server time the door will open. If he is alive , you will see mobs 80 lvl lurking in the halls and just have to find him inside. But still is better to have fully functional instance imo.

    - Steel Citadel> here more info: Steel Citadel

    And link to '' A few request 1 '' as the issues listed there still stand: A few requests

    Thanks and hope you manage to fix some of them, as that will make the server much better place to spend some time.


    I tried tonight, but i still cannot enter. The NPC Kanaf is still showing the same message.

    I tried Seed of Infinity, not working as well

    Im seeing it on my comp. But I can not on my phone.

    However. There is only one NPC in front of the Market town in Hellbound. When you want to enter you speak with him and chose the first option ''infiltrate the town''. You need party of 2 (both at least 78 lvl) and Premium Certificate. He should let you in a instance for 30 minutes so you will be able to find the key and enter after Steel Citadel. I have done this in other servers many times, but here when I chose the option ''infiltrate the town'' the NPC is showing me this message ''You are either not on a quest that involved this NPC, or you dont meet this NPC's minimum requirements''

    It is the same when you want to do a Zaken Instance - not working.

    It is the same when you want to do the twin bosses instance in Seed of Infinity in Gracia - not working

    Im leting you guys know, because its important at the end game to be able to do those instances and will be good to be fixed if you want people who are joining to stay.



    Hello Shadow,

    When you have time could you please check the NPC in front of Market Town in Hellbound. It suppose to let you in for a 30 min instance so you could find a key and enter in Steel Citadel. Usually the requirements to enter is only party of 2 (lvl78) and Premium Certificate. I have them. Still this NPC won't let me in. And that is the only way to enter the Steel Citadel and meet Beleth. So please check it out.



    As little I understand German, actually I understood what is the issue about :)

    Apologies, but I will write in English:

    Liar of Antharas is not a place for Moirai even +6. The damage you are taking is more then normal, as mobs there are with pretty high Patk and Matk. and the Titan has week both. This area is mostly for party. Here in this server you can farm alone as the settings allow you to get easy Moirai and Vesper parts from all the bosses.and over enchant it. Moirai +12 and Vesper +10 are just fine. But you have to work a bit more on your character and Armor.Farm element stones and work on your elemental resistance. For LoA you need good Dark and Earth resistance at least 270. Farm some fortresses collect some Giant's Codex Mastery and enchant your skills up to at least +20. Work on your weapon and make it +300 element. Then you will see that the damage you receive in LoA is much different.

    If you need any help or advise shout on chat for Irraty, Azanne or ArAdan

    Cheers and regards


    Hello Shadow,
    Thank you for the EVENT! Server needs more activity and that's the way to go!
    Again I am writhing to point a few issues, that I think it's worth to be look upon.

    Raid Bosses:
    Still there is issue with the drop, as all the bosses are dropping almost the same items. Lvl 80 are never dropping Moirai robe parts and never dropping weapon diferent then dagger and Sawsword. Lvl 85 at least are dropping vesper all parts, but the weapons only Cutter, Sasher and Duals. My suggestion is this drop to be looked at and amended to all variations. Plus you can reduce the items per drop. Maybe only 2 parts armor and 50% for weapons as I think shouldn't be so easy to get those items. But when you get them at least to have variation of the drop which benefits all classes.

    One of the Major Instances of H5 is not working here. This instance is bugged and it is impossible to enter. Please consider having a look at it, as this is one of the few chances to level Cry 17

    Freya and Frintezza:
    My clan is currently killing Freya, but we couldn't enter the Hard Mode Freya, as when we try, the NPC is reversing us to choose again which Freya we want to kill. Please have a look and tell us what are the requirements to enter. Same with Frintezza. We tried with 12, 14 16 char's and we can not enter. Please check if it's some bug or we do not match the count to enter? Even maybe you can reduce the requiremen numbers as if is 36/45 char's nobody will ever enter probably.

    Freya. Frintezza, Zaken cloaks Quest:
    This quest is not working, as we already have 6 kills on Freya and not even one point added to the quest. I guess will be simmiler with Zaken(if the instance was on) and Frintezza. Also when we checked the drop of Freya while we were killing her, we couldn't see cloak in the list and should be there as well.

    Geo Data:
    There iare many places where it is difficult to move when you have walls from both sides, or narrow corridors, bridges e.t. It's something very annoying, and definitely worth checking

    Inside LOA when you are killing mobs, after they spawn again they are invisible, and hard to target. Don't know if is something applied to this particular place or a bug. Maybe you can check that as well.

    Thank you in advance


    Want to ask what is wrong with Zaken instance? I played in Freya Server till now and there was ok to do the instance with 1 party. For Hi5 i read that must be 2 parties 9+3 in CC to enter Day Time Zaken. I went with 12 chars and all over 80lvl and couldn't enter.
    Is there any Quest? Or its a bug?
    Please Shadow check the Pathfinder Worker NPC, something is wrong with this instance i think...