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    increase fame for fort/castel siege right now is set to 20/5 min on fort and 150 /castel that is to low ..even on retail (1x) is 31 /fort 200/castel so make it 2-3x then retail on fort and around 300/ castel
    any new events ? if you dont have any new events activate that 1 with rich cake for 1-2 weeks
    can u add gem S or noble stone on glittering /Ewc shop ?
    righ now you need 2 pt to kill 1 knoriks ..have around 40k p.atk and 500k HP( i dont whanna see 1 champion i think is better then antahras:D) ..and drop around 20-30 noble stone and 2 gem S ..or increase spoil for that mob

    First of all you misunderstand me
    i speak about Grand Bosses changelog/announce ( AQ/Orfen/Core/Zaken/Tezza/Baium/Antharas/Valakas/Beleth) ..not about normal bosses ...because about normal RB i know they have custom drop ..i told you i was in beta
    About adena ..dont know

    Sorry but there-s no announce/changelog about grand bosses drop or lvl .....yesterday i saw first time that german thread about drop/stats of grand bosses until yesterday i thought that grand bosses have retail drop /lvl and i was disappointed because german ppl know about GB drop and they farm core/aq/orfen and got some vorpal items and i didn-t know ...but is not a big problem i-ll farm/camp all of them from now . My point was to make announce if serv have something custom then retail to all ppl know about it .

    2 ) ok you-r choise as admin/developer ...but when you-ll see ppl with ++ weap/armor you-lll aprove me ....think about new ppl and server economy ,because right now you cant do nothing with adena because no1 sell/buy anything who spend time to farm/spoil them can make some trade etc

    3) those are my last suggestions /tips about server ..from now on i-ll play as i know i i wont say anything ..because until now no1 on my sugestions was aproved is no point of try to improve something if no1 care



    I-m rly disappointed because you make changes witout announce or you announce just for you-r people
    You make all low grand bosses lvl 80 and add to them vorpal drop witout any announce know that i had to translate some german threads..and that is not fair . I saw ppl that ask for elegia is midrate server elegia have only freya hard (armor) and valakas (weapons) dont add them to other RB because no1 will join in that server if see ppl with elegia ...all days in beta you told us that you whant a proper midrate server(with hard work) and you made critical changes ( like vorpal on AQ/orfen/core) that unbalance server ..if ppl whant vorpal let them farm in normal zone (kariks for armors /knoriks for weapons ) and farm tezza for vorpal shoes ..not get it free from a low GB.
    Btw from now pls make announce with all changes you made (in english to pls )

    2) Remove those ews/eas from glittering medal shop (let ppl farm /quest them )

    other quest with 1x drop is " Only What Remains" ..check it to

    Any news about those events ? you-ll activate them or you try to add other one ?

    I hope you-ll finish that shop for Glittering medal/EwC soon ..i whant to exchange them for something usefull ( some gemstone A/S maybe )

    Can u activate Action Manager? ...have past over 1 week since serv is on and i think most of ppl have adena to bid

    Dont know why ppl complains about RB-s ..they work good ...have proper drop( not big but its fine) dont change them anymore only the chance for lvl 80+ RB ...i think 60% is low .. 70-75 is better but that its you-r choise as admin

    Thx for fast reply

    1) i still think its to low 2x for spoil ..maybe increase it to 4-5-6x..just for spoil ,drop can be 1x . think about it .
    2) i dont speak about A grade stuff ..i told you about A +( S / S80/S84) ,was just a suggestion :D
    3)ok ..
    4) good
    6) :(
    7) i speak about passive events ( you have them in you-r script.cfg if you use l2j server files ) events like : MasterOfEnchanting ; TheValentineEvent ; etc you just need to activate them

    Hello ,

    I have some suggestion to improve gameplay

    1) Increase drop/spoil rate ...right now its 2x make it 7-10x because its to low right now
    2) try to add blacksmith/merchant mammon in giran and add seal stone exchanger pls ...we need to add SA on A+ weapons ( seal/unseal A+) and we we cant do that because of mammons missing ,its sux to w8 2 weeks until mammons spawn
    3) check DV mobs pls they are to strong ; ex : leetch have 55k HP ...those mobs from DV north have 120k HP etc ...they are to strong
    4) Add something usefull for those Glitterings Medals right now they are useless or add more items for those EwC coins ( like vitality mantaining potion , accesory , buff potion ..etc )
    5) Check quest : "A gem of cards" , "Thread Removal " have 1x drop/reward
    6) Make dance of shadow 1h pls ,like all other dances
    7) Add some extra events : Treasure chest event , Master Yogi ,Medal event ...its boring to farm all day just for lvl and some items
    Those are all my suggestions until now ,i hopw you-ll add some of them . Tnx