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    Youre right.
    Sorry for that, didnt know that he forget to announce it.

    ill edit the posts and make sure he dos not forget anything that important anymore.

    I have edited the post and will check all new announcments this will not happen again.

    we do announce in the forum here…page=Thread&threadID=2483 and its in english you just have to look in the forum if you want to know anything were doing.

    to 3: sorry but i did read all of you posts and most of your sugestions dosnt fit for the server we want to build.
    i wont ever dear to say were doing it perfect but we try our best and i wont criticize you but the first posts you made about quests was more like "high-rate plz" we did a global quest drop/reward and checked most important quests and theyre working fine.

    and for the adena problem we do know it and im trying to find something to do with it.
    if you have sugestion let me hear it. i wont say more than "nice idea" or "nah i think it would make another problem"


    I-m rly disappointed because you make changes witout announce or you announce just for you-r people
    You make all low grand bosses lvl 80 and add to them vorpal drop witout any announce know that i had to translate some german threads..and that is not fair . I saw ppl that ask for elegia is midrate server elegia have only freya hard (armor) and valakas (weapons) dont add them to other RB because no1 will join in that server if see ppl with elegia ...all days in beta you told us that you whant a proper midrate server(with hard work) and you made critical changes ( like vorpal on AQ/orfen/core) that unbalance server ..if ppl whant vorpal let them farm in normal zone (kariks for armors /knoriks for weapons ) and farm tezza for vorpal shoes ..not get it free from a low GB.
    Btw from now pls make announce with all changes you made (in english to pls )

    2) Remove those ews/eas from glittering medal shop (let ppl farm /quest them )


    first of all Mallum did announce the changes and in english to.
    look in the forum under changelog.

    Second you didnt even take a look at the grandbosses and are shouting about it? Theyre 5 - 10 times stronger than retail and all are lvl 80 - 85
    try them, on other "mid-rate" you can solo the most grands but not here theyre deadly we had do a little nerv to Baium cuz he did 1,5k dmg to a +16 s84 char and a nerv to Orfen who was able to para every 2 min for 1 min.

    And to your request,
    sorry but we wont take the enchants out. The medals dosnt drop in great numbers and its more like a bonus for the people,
    you will farm all enchants much faster if you go spoil them.


    Ich gebe es weiter und denke es sollte heute Abend umgestellt werden.

    Danke fürs fleißige posten der Bugs.


    danke fürs melden ich schaue mir das heute abend mal an.

    Sodele hab ihn mir mal angeguckt,

    zu allererst zieh ne bessere Armor an ^^.

    Baium macht viel Schaden, ja das ist auch gewollt allerdings macht er wirklich etwas viel davon

    seine Patk und Matk werden um 1/3 gesenkt und er wird von lvl 75 auf lvl 80 gesetzt.

    Weiter runter gehen wir aber nicht mit dem dmg da es sonst zu einfach wird ihn mit S84 zu legen.

    5) Check quest : "A gem of cards" , "Thread Removal " have 1x drop/reward

    i checked "A gem of cards" and yes its planed that they only drop one questitem and the reward dosnt seem to low

    ill check "Thread Removal" the next time

    Sorry Male aber das sehe ich anders, daher habe ich ihnen pro boss einen fulldrop gewährt da bei den einstellungen etwas gedropt währe.