New Server

  • Hello,

    I personally don't like any chronicle pass H5. My opinion and of the many old players is direct here >>>anything pass H5 is not LINEAGE 2 any more.
    As I said many times here even H5 is a but easy for old players taste, but at least still caries the L2 spirit.
    My personal preference and the best chronicle that I ever played is FREYA chronicle ( the one before H5). But what of heard is that is difficult nowadays to find such a client working properly. Not sure about it, I could be wrong.
    Another good chronicle is Gracia Epilogue/ Final. There are a few servers like this, and they have their followers. I do not play there, because they are too retail with dances/songs for 2 min / 2 users limit etc.
    Freya/Gracia chronicles are hard and I'm not sure how many ppl would like them, for sure the old players will do. It's just different feeling , when you are HAPPY to get even ONE Dynasty/Moirai part :)

    For me personally one of these 2 chronicles x5/x7/x10 with 1h buff/ No lint for acc/ No GM shop/ No boss teleport/ No GM buff will be ideal place to play :)

    Of course if the community has different demands go for it.
    I will stay in EW 2.2