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  • Well,

    there are changes at the lower areas of mobs at first, so it is important to check up, if the drops and spoils match to the dropclaculator...

    I am working on the database but it have to be checked if it works right before I go on editing the npcs!

    So it would be recommened, if you would support checking this.

    I will try to give a list of areas, where first changes happened!

    Thanks for help!



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  • Kurze Info.
    Die vorbereitung des Updates sind fast abgeschlossen.
    Trotzdem brauche ich eure Hilfe.

    Hierzu werde ich eine Umfrage starten. sobald das ergebnis feststeht kann ich das Update machen.


    The preparation of the updates are almost complete.
    However, I need your help.

    For this purpose, I will start a poll. when the result is certain I can make the update.

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    Closed the thread.