26.09.2014 (changes will take effekt on early saturday morning around 6 o'clock)

  • Changed Raidbosses again and last time

    - 4 kinds of rbs now
    - the lvl 20-50 raids are lvl 75 now and drop dynasty
    - the lvl 51-70 raids are 80 now and drop only moirai items
    - lvl71- end are lvl 85 and drops vesper
    - Barakil remained lvl 70 due to noblesse quest.

    So the lvl 75 raids should drop items to chars lvl 70-80, after lvl 80 the drop may be a lower.
    The ones lvl 80 should drop items to chars lvl 75-85.
    the 85 ones will dropp for lvl 80-end.

    Greetings Malum